Mesa real estate entrepreneur Doug Hopkins will appear in the second season of Property Wars, a Discovery Channel reality show about the bidding wars of the Valley real estate market.

Property Wars, a show that follows teams of bidders as they buy and then flip auctioned homes, will air the first episode of the second season 9 p.m. Thursday on the Discovery Channel.

“It’s a lot like Storage Wars, only they’re betting 100s of dollars on lockers,” said Mesa native Doug Hopkins. “We’re betting $100,000s.”

Working as a real estate agent, he’s learned what customers look for in homes, Hopkins said. Living and working in the area, means he knows nearly every subdivision in the East Valley, as well as the model of homes in each development, he said.

Peeking inside windows and checking for additions or renovations that aren’t included on the listing help to find a good flip, Hopkins said.

“There are so many ways to get a clue (of what’s on the inside),” Hopkins said. “If the outside of the home has not been maintained, the inside will be like that too.”

After winning the bid, changing the locks and assessing what changes need to be made, the main money-maker element comes into play, Hopkins said.

“At the end of the day, we’re all within $5,000 bid,” he said. “The higher the bid on the house, the more successful you can be. I just have to figure out how to fix it up the cheapest.”

That means relying on trusted contractors who repaint, carpet and tile the home, Hopkins said. In many ways, the way he updates his homes is similar to the way a builder builds a spec home.

“I use the same paint, the same carpet,” he said. “They know the plan.”

The house usually goes back on the market in 10 days, he said.

Knowing the area so well is Hopkins’ biggest advantage, he said. Hopkins graduated from Mesa’s Mountain View High School before majoring in real estate at Arizona State University, and still lives in Mesa today.

“I know this area like the back of my hand,” he said. “I’ve been raised in the East Valley, I moved here in 1987.”

Hopkins owns Red Brick Realty, a real estate company, Posted Properties, a company that buys investment properties for clients and, a website that buys homes for cash.

“I knew when I went down to my first auction,” Hopkins said. “I fell in love with it. I called my parents up and told them my whole life had changed; just loved it.”

In an average month, Hopkins will buy about 150 houses, some of which are for his Posted Properties clients, he said.

“Cameras or no cameras, I’d be doing this anyways,” he said.

More information about the Property Wars reality program can be found on the Discovery Channel website or at Details on Hopkins’ businesses are available at, and

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Firs off, the show IS NOT reality.. it's a scripted TV show and it's all set up. Almost none of it's real...
So don't take it so seriously.. All the reality shows on tV are not reality.. They want you to think they are.. Duhhhh


I am compelled to respond to the Realtor above who disapproves of investors and the Realtors who work with them, and the Realtors who are them. The Phoenix economy is driven by investors. Everything you own was once an idea backed by an investor. Those new-builds? Investors! You are inexperienced and small-minded to complain about investors, and your last sentence verifies it.
There are quite a few of my agents who buy-fix-flip properties. And I will tell you that
(a) It's not "lipstick"
(b) It's not easy.
Flips are a full-time job requiring experience, tons of research, a large capital investment, a team of contractors, and a little luck.
These Realtor investors are not in your pocket, so dry up that crying towel of yours and do something the industry can take pride in.


Because of guys like this and "glorifying reality shows" like Property Wars the rest of the world thinks this is easy. In addition, the "lipstick" they put on these houses is only meant to get them looking good to flip for fast money and the new buyer pays the price.

Being in real estate in the Phoenix market for several years, it makes me sick to see a guy like this "sell out" for TV. REAL PEOPLE (aka first time home buyers) need to buy homes too. But because people (investors) like this buy these homes the FTHB can't get their foot in the door. I don't know how many clients I have seen in our office that are truly dejected because they have put in offers on multiple properties only to be outbid by an investor. After 4 or 5 times, the clients give up and continue to rent.

Buy a new home... well that is a great idea, the problem with that is the new home builders are raising prices EVERY WEEK just like back in 2004-06. They know the investors are snapping up the low end stuff and they have a captive audience and can continue to raise prices... when they get too high though, there goes your FTHB... stuck renting because they can't afford / don't qualify for the mortgage.

In my opinion, Realtors should boycott this show. It portrays our industry in a bad light and only will continue to attract the vultures that cannibalize YOUR COMMISSION....[thumbdown]

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