Cleanup is just beginning in one Mesa neighborhood after it was overtaken by flood water from Monday's big storm.

The roads near Stapley Drive and Southern Avenue are no longer under water and residents are finally able to get inside their homes and start taking out valuables.

The good news for these people is that members from outside the community are lending a helping hand.

Mesa resident Brent Farley recalled the flood waters that took over his neighborhood for the past two days.

“So not only do you have the devastation of your house being flooded, I know these people. These are my neighbors," Farley said.

His neighbors can finally walk outside without water covering their ankles.

This morning they were greeted by members of the LDS church which sent members over to help rip out carpets and gut out homes that will need major repairs.

“We’re Christian, we believe in following the Savior’s example in helping our fellow man, member or non-member, and that’s the bottom line,” said LDS church member Richard Standage.”

But today’s cleanup isn’t about being a member of anything, the volunteers just want to help out those that desperately need it.

“To be in a situation where you need help, I’m humbled, I’m humbled,” Farley said.

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The group of volunteers will continue to help with the cleanup process and will be there again tomorrow if needed.

A lot of the residents ABC15 spoke to are renters, so they’re living with family members or friends while these repairs take place.

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