Higley seniors

Higley High seniors Morgan Mallory and Alise Jackson made sure they were ready to pick up their diplomas.

More than 900 Higley Unified School District students picked up their diplomas last week as Higley and Williams Field high schools hailed the Class of 2018.

With total scholarship earnings of $16.3 million, 410 seniors from Higley High graduated while Williams Field High bid adieu to 415 grads, who earned $15.1 million in scholarship offers.

“Each class leaves a remarkable legacy at their schools through a variety of accomplishments in academics, leadership, service and athletics,” district spokeswoman Michelle Reese said.

During the past four years, the schools saw team and individual state championship or runner-up titles in football, volleyball, golf, wrestling, swimming, track and field, marching band, color guard and volleyball, she noted, adding:

“Thousands of hours were given to raising funds and goods for nonprofit groups such as Make a Wish Foundation, United Food Bank, East Valley Child Crisis Center and more. Students took on leadership roles in their schools, as well as on organizations such as the Gilbert Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council and DECA.”

The seniors are heading to universities in Arizona and other states while some are embarking on service to their church or the armed forces.

In the top 1 percent of their class at Higley High:

Katherine Nguyen, headed for ASU, with $88,500 in scholarship offers and a 4.96 grade pointe average. “I’m looking forward to obtaining hands-on experiences in lab settings and meeting people who are like-minded,” said Nguyen, who is majoring in biochemistry.

Sabrina Worley, also ASU-bound, will major in biomedical engineering with scholarship offers of $71,000 and a 4.92 GPA. “I’m most interested in taking classes geared toward my goal to work in a field I actually like to do,” Worley said

Wyatt Woffinden, who earned $22,480 in scholarship offers and a 4.88 GPA. Though he’s undecided on his major at Brigham Young University, he said, “I’m most looking forward to the sort of freedoms of selecting your own classes and being on your own track.”

Justine Bria, also BYU-bound, with $103,392 in scholarships and a 4.8 GPA, as a prospective math major. “I’m looking forward to living on my own and becoming my own person,” she said.

Williams Field High’s top 1 percent:

Miller Browne, heading to the University of Wyoming, with scholarship offers totaling $117,400.00 and a GPA of 4.92. “I’m looking forward to the team atmosphere I’m going to be a part of in Wyoming,” the civil engineering major said. “When I went on my recruiting trip, I was completely immersed in the team culture.”

Alexandria Herring, who has scholarship offers of $168,560 and a GPA of 4.92. She plans to major in biomedical engineering/pre-medicine at ASU. “I’m looking forward to learning all the building steps to medical school because everything I learn will help when I am a doctor,” Herring said.

Alyssa Anne Lim, also ASU-bound, with scholarship offers of $121,560 and a 4.86 GPA. The electrical engineering major said, “I’m looking forward to all my classes being heavily STEM-based.”

Liam Petrie is headed to ASU with scholarship offers of $168,560 and a President’s Scholarship. With a GPA of 4.85, he plans to major in biomedical engineering. “I’m looking forward to do being at ASU,” Petrie said. “I’ve visited my friends already there. I’m excited about the college culture and campus environment.” 

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