Deputy-involved shooting in Guadalupe

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has identified a man  killed in a deputy-involved shooting in Guadalupe Thursday morning.

MCSO spokesman Jeffrey Sprong said no deputies were injured in the incident  that happened around 9:45 a.m. near Hardy Drive and Guadalupe Road.

Tempe police spokeswoman Molly Enright said in an e-mail that Tempe police  responded to an attempted burglary call and MCSO deputies responded to assist. MCSO said while investigating, a deputy came across a suspect with a  knife who was threatening the deputy in some way.

The deputy shot the suspect.

That suspect, who has been identified by MCSO as 19-year-old Joel Smith, was  taken to a local hospital.

Smith was pronounced dead at the hospital, according to MCSO.

A second suspect was taken into custody, Tempe police said. That suspect’s  identity has not been released.

Stay with for updates on this developing story.

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He changed his name so I just wanted to be sure some investigative work had been done on your part.Sorry for doubting you.


@ Bill

Since "Smith" is such a common name, when I learned about the shooting I made contact with his father. Verifying the information I had already learned.


"I try to run with accurate information"

How did you verify that Joel Edward Smith III is his given name?



No the first paragraph is not a joke. I do not joke about genealogy, good or bad, I try to run with accurate information. I can not expound on his mother's family tree.

Just a quick look at part of Joel Edward Smith, III's paternial genealogy.

Some of the family names he comes from: Bradshaw, Bullard, Cook, Davis, Dempsey, Ellis, Gunter, Hooker, Hopper, Jennings, Ligon, Mc Clure, Mc Kinney, Murphree, Murphy, Ray, Rogers, Roland, Self, Smith, Tillotson, Ward, Watkins, Wiggins, Young, Tuttle, Sebring. (That's just a few of the names. I can trace some of them back to the first person with that last name.)

McKinney, Murphree, Ligon and Self fought in the American War of Independence from North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and New Jersey.

During the Civil war, Company D of the Mounted Texas Volunteers, the Alabama 33rd and the Alabama 44th are outfits his ancestors fought with.

One of his ancestors was slain in an Indian Attack in the swamps of South Carolina in 1809.

When New Mexico became a state his 3xGreat Grandfather moved there to teach school.

When you look into the First Families of Virginia or the First Families of New Jersey, you will find his ancestors.

When you learn about the first ship built in this country. You will find one of his his ancestors. I also know that he has ancestry in two different Native American Peoples.

So when you think about who Joel Smith III was he does not need to painted as someone newly arrived on the shores of this Country.

Did he make some mistakes? Sure. Did he pay for those mistakes? Yes. Does his family deserve to be treated as less than American. No. Is the family deserving of a little respect during the very difficult time of burying their child. Yes.


Is the first paragraph a joke?

Claims that he appeared to be surrendering and had no weapon are based on statements from witnesses that viewed the incident AFTER the use of lethal force.He probably dropped the knife AFTER he was shot.


Joel Edward Smith III is a descendant of 4 different men who fought in the American Revolution for this country. Those familys came from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. He is also a descendant of a Texas Ranger. His family in this country stretches back to the very foundation of this country. He is also a descendent of many different preachers in his long and glorius family history. There are land features in this country named for his ancestors streatching back to North Carolina.

If anyone should scream about his death, it should be the conservatives and liberals and moderates. But it will most likely only be his family. If he was close enough to use a knife, he was close enough for the sheriff's deputy to use a taser.

I find it fascinating how this information about the conduct of a teenager who may or may not have had a knife, (witnesses say he didn't) is being brought up and aired throughout the media.

He was shot and killed as an alleged suspect in a burglary. Shooting seems a bit much, dare I say excessive.


Hey 'Vato, why don't you go spray paint a wall and steal a car to celebrate your rich heritage.


hey NUT8000- dude get a life outside of hate towards minorities. your life must su ck to be you. all you ever post is what is in your heart which is nothing but hate?


First of all, the shooting occurred in Tempe.

Joel Smith doesn't sound like a Hispanic name to me.


I'm just waiting for the liberals to start crying racism and that the deputy shot the scr otbag beacuse he is hispanic.

That whole town should be incinerated to anyways because it is a complete haven for illegals and criminal conduct.

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