Ironman Refurbished Business Computers

From left: Andy Ip, Ken Chan and Linda Chan, of Ironman Refurbished Business Computers, ventures on national expansion with a new e-commerce initiative.

Ironman Refurbished Business Computers (IRBC), which specializes in selling refurnished laptop and desktop computers, will begin to attract customers throughout the nation with its new e-commerce initiative.

The company is a brother and sister venture between Ken and Linda Chan, who have provided their services to the greater Phoenix area since 2010.

Many of the models Ken and Linda sell are a few years outdated from what’s currently on the market, but Ken said with proper care, all models have a lasting life of at least four to 10 years.

“From first-hand experience, we know how difficult it is to buy good, reliable, business-grade laptops that are not only reasonable, but dependable,” Linda said. “That’s how our company was in founded. With this personal background, and the ability to provide a superb level of trust and integrity, nothing could be more rewarding than being able to assist customers in any location.”

The majority of the laptops Ken and Linda sell are Dell, Lenovo and HP models, and many of their customers range from parents who are wanting to teach their children how to use a personal computer to business owners revamping their business.

The Dell, Lenovo and HP models are only sold because they are easier to fix, and cost less to do so, Ken said.

Pricing begins at $199.

“We are living in a technology age, and we see that there’s a huge need by businesses for durable computers,” he said. “A lot of people are not aware of the difference between a consumer and business-grade system. We want to be the driving force in bringing awareness to the value of high-quality, reconditioned models.”

In addition, Ken said the company wants to provide its customers with cost-effective pricing, and a strong focus to service customers across the country.

Such services consist of tutorials on how to properly use the computer so it can continue to work properly, a lifetime tech support, and a one-year limited warranty.

Linda said it’s important for the company to create trusting relationships with its new national clientele.

“With the help of technology as well as social media, we are confident that we will re-establish the same image and experience no matter where our customers reside,” she said. “Support of our customers is one of our top priorities. We are not only currently creating how-to videos, but are looking at more ways to educate and support our users going forward. Moving forward with a new expansion will always pose challenges, but we have the expertise, support, and products that will help all users fulfill their computer needs.”

Ken said the goal of IRBC is to, “bring high-quality refurbished units, with the best service possible, to customers throughout the U.S.”

“Our solutions are more cost effective than new models, but just as powerful. We consider ourselves to be like the car brand Toyota: great value and reliable,” he said.

For additional information about IRBC, visit or call 480-550-9078.

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