A four-hour standoff ended peacefully Tuesday afternoon when a man threatening to kill himself surrendered to Scottsdale police.

Robert McCullough, 32, called police at 1 p.m., telling them he needed help, had a gun and wanted to kill himself in his unit at Maya Condominiums, 7600 E. Camelback Road.

For hours, McCullough alternated between standing on the balcony of his thirdfloor unit waving a gun and barricading himself in the condo. At 2:15 p.m., a single shot was heard when one of about 40 police personnel fired as McCullough made a threatening motion with a gun, according to police spokesman Sam Bailey. No one was injured. No hostages were involved.

McCullough came out with his hands up at 5 p.m., was placed in a police car and whisked away. Bailey wasn’t sure what kind of firearm he had, although Bailey said some officers indicated it might be a pellet gun. Police want him charged with aggravated assault, Bailey said.

Dianna Boyd, McCullough’s next-door neighbor, said she didn’t know much about him except that he and his wife moved into the condos recently.

Bailey acknowledged McCullough was married but said police didn’t know where his wife was during the incident.

"This was a terrible, frightening experience," Boyd said. "I had to hide under my bed for an hour while I was talking to police on the phone."

Using a ladder, officers and SWAT team members helped Boyd out a window of her unit and down three flights.

"About a year and a half ago, a fellow downstairs on drugs was acting up and they had the SWAT team out," Boyd said. "That’s who I thought it was this time."

During Tuesday’s standoff, an area bounded by Parkway Avenue and Miller Road near Camelback was cordoned off.

"This is amazing," said Brad Blake, who has lived on the second floor of Maya for about three years. "You feel like you know most of the people. It doesn’t make any sense."

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