If you’re in the market to buy a laptop, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a new model, then Ironman Refurbished Business Computers is the perfect fit for you.

Ironman Refurbished Business Computers specializes in selling refurbished laptops at a reasonable price.

It’s a brother and sister business venture between both Ken and Linda Chan.

Ken got the idea of selling refurbished laptops a few years ago while operating his other computer business, Future Kiddie, which specializes in teaching computer fundamentals to children ages 3 to 7.

“We teach kids computer skills and a lot of the terminology that comes with using a computer,” Ken said.

Within Future Kiddie, Ken also teaches his students the basics of typing, which he said not many kids at that age are taught.

“At that age we noticed that they aren’t exposed to how to type until they’re in second and third grade,” Ken said.

Future Kiddie has been in the Valley for the past five years, and Ken said many of the parents would ask him for recommendations on laptops for their child after they graduated from his program.

“The parents would ask for recommendations for themselves and for their kids,” he said.

Many of the models Ken and Linda sell are a few years outdated from what’s currently on the market, but Ken said with proper care, all his models have a lasting life of at least four to 10 years.

The majority of the laptops Ken and Linda sell are Dell models, and many of his customers range from parents who are wanting to teach their children how to use a personal computer to business owners revamping their business.

They sell Dell models rather than others because they found that the Dell laptops are easier to fix, and cost less money to do so.

Linda said depending on a customer’s need, she and Ken will figure out what’s the best model for them.

“We need to know exactly what they want the laptop for so we can find one that is geared toward their needs,” she said.

Once a model is sold, Ken and Linda go through an extensive tutorial with their customers in order for them to feel comfortable with their purchase.

“We try to give them additional education that they need to make the computer last longer,” Linda said.

Ken and Linda explain how to properly use the laptop from turning it off properly to other ways to keep the model running properly.

Ken said he goes over the proper usage of the laptop because that’s how his customers will learn to properly take care of their laptop, and will last over time.

Each model has a one-month warranty and lifetime-tech support.

“We always tell people that since it’s a refurbished laptop, we can only guarantee so much as far as the hardware itself,” Linda said. “Whenever we meet a buyer we take at least 15 minutes to go over what the unit includes, so they know exactly what they are buying.”

Ken and Linda have had success over the years with their business, which in the early years they sold about 35 laptops a month and have increased their numbers to 60 laptops a month.

Their plan is to focus their business in the municipalities of Chandler, Ahwatukee and Gilbert for the time being.

“We wouldn’t mind to expand our business, but our main focus will always be in the East Valley,” Linda said.

For additional information about Ironman Refurbished Business Computers, visit www.ironmancomputers.com or call (480) 808-1170.

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