Mesa drafts massage parlor crackdown plan

Mesa is attempting to crack down on the recent boom in the massage parlor business in the city.

An ordinance passed in March has enabled Mesa to provide greater oversight to the city's massage establishments, city officials told the Council's public safety committee on Monday, but the code needs to be tightened.

The ordinance requires permits for establishment owners, managers and massage therapists. It also regulates interior design and imposes safety requirements.

"It's been effective to have someone on-site who is responsible at the establishment," Mesa collections administrator Tim Meyer told the committee. "Prior to that, it was difficult to find out who was responsible. One officer told me that when they would get there, people would be running out the back. They are not seeing that as much."

Still, officials suspect prostitution is still happening at some establishments. Also, 41 businesses have failed to notify the city of an on-site manager and have been issued a citation or warning of non-compliance.

Assistant police chief John Meza told the committee that he would like to see the ordinance tweaked.

Among the changes: requiring establishments to notify the city of a temporary manager and setting a timetable to hire a new one, requiring managers to carry a government-issued identification, making licenses non-transferrable and clarifying certain fees.

The committee had no objections to city officials proposing code changes to present to the Council in the future.

Before the ordinance passed, there were 123 licensed massage businesses in Mesa. Today, there are 109. Of the 159 manager applications the city has received since March, 19 were denied based on a criminal history and 11 are pending a review.

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The bottom line is that Mesa wishes they could figure out away to get rid of the massage palors.might as well do pawn food joints,oh and bars low class ones that is.


"Mesa police will continue their crackdown on massage parlors..."

And a Asian adult woman was found dead at the Taiwan Massage Parlor (near Loop 101 and Baseline Road) by Mesa police late Tuesday evening, Dec. 7.

Mesa police are investigating the incident as a possible homicide and are searching for the killer of the woman.


I can't imagine why we need this.

There never seems to be any problems at these establishments.

Oh, wait, never mind.

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