Roy Paul Shields, Depths of terror

Mesa author Roy Paul Shields has written a dozen books after finding a passion for writing later in life.

Roy Paul Shields developed a passion for writing later in life, after careers as a professional dancer, trumpeter, construction worker and father.

Now armed with a computer keyboard, the Mesa man is working on becoming a storyteller and has written a dozen books, six published by Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc.

Some of his most successful novels were part of a series: “Depths of Terror, Out of Darkness,” “Peace has a Price” and “Finders Keepers.” The books are military thrillers, filled with action, romance and drama.

Shields said the series includes political themes that are meant to reflect on society.

“‘Depths of Terror’ is about what is currently going on in the country and all the immigration and dirty politics,” Shields said. “‘Out of Darkness’ is about the country straightening out. Of course, all the books also have romance and adventure in them, too. People who read them feel like they’re part of it.”

Of all the books Shields has written, he admits to having a favorite.

“‘Love Me Tender’ has to be my favorite. I was living in Northern California at the time in a beautiful home, and I was doing a lot of construction. One day when I was working with lumber, the idea of Elvis Presley came into my mind and I went back to the house and taped my ideas,” Shields said.

The novel focuses on Elvis Presley trying to make amends with his love, Priscilla, but the major twist is he returns to earth as a man named Andy Parker. Shields foresees the book being made into a movie.

Shields is working on the follow-up to his popular novel “Bad Luck Good Luck.” The first book is about 6-year-old Scott Christian being stranded on a deserted island after his family is conquered by a massive storm.

“Everyone loves this book,” Shields said. “It’s a great story with an exciting adventure. I am going to write a second book to this. It’s going to be pretty awesome. I am going to fast forward to when the characters are older on the island. However, after a storm hits, the characters are young again. I’m excited to get started on that very soon.”  

Shields always believed he was meant to find his passion at this point in his life.

“Writing was something I found later in my life, and I have found it to be the greatest therapy in the world to me,” Shields said.

Shields’ books can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s websites or the Dorrance Publishing online library at

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