The APM Pharmacy kiosk

New self-serve technology at one East Valley medical clinic is allowing patients to quickly receive prescriptions and over-the-counter medications from a kiosk immediately following an appointment.

The APM Pharmacy kiosk – currently available at Bayless Integrated Healthcare’s Dobson Ranch location at 2204 S. Dobson Road in Mesa – allows patients to fill prescriptions within minutes at the clinic.

Practitioners at the location can send prescriptions electronically to the kiosk, which verifies patients using their ID. Patients then use the kiosk to interact with a pharmacist via telemedicine and receive their prescriptions.

“There is a pharmacist with every interaction,” said Katie Brite, Bayless Integrated Healthcare medical director.

All conversations with pharmacists are conducted using a private phone to preserve patient confidentiality and avoid HIPAA violations.

The medications available at the kiosks – over 700 – were chosen based on a review of which drugs are prescribed most frequently by practitioners, Brite said.

The kiosks, which are roughly the size of a vending machine, do not include controlled substances such as narcotics or benzodiazepines.

The new technology provides increased convenience for patients who are sick or need to fill multiple prescriptions.

“(Patients) love it, especially if they are sick or if they have strep throat and need antibiotics, because they can just get it and don’t need to go to a pharmacy,” Brite said.

In addition to providing convenience, the kiosks give doctors peace of mind by ensuring that patients receive prescribed medications.

“It’s great on the provider side because underserved patients don’t always make it to the pharmacy, and (with the kiosks) I know they are leaving with their medications,” Brite said.

She added, “The relevance for our population in general is that we are trying really hard to eliminate barriers … and this is one more barrier we can eliminate.”

The one setback is that the APM Pharmacy kiosks do not currently accept all insurance plans, though that could change in the future.

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