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The Maine hails from Tempe and has added an audio-visual dimension to their upcoming concert.

Tempe rockers The Maine have long been known for their live shows, festivals and relentlessly catchy songs. 

But this fall, they are breaking out of their comfort zones for “The Mirror Tour.”

“If people have been to any of our concerts, this one will be unlike the other ones we’ve done or will probably do,” says Pat Kirch, The Maine’s drummer. 

The shows – including Saturday, Nov. 30, at The Van Buren – will feature new visuals, audio components and fan experiences. 

The Maine posts info about each show on Facebook pages with meetups for fans and the band at local bars. Bassist Garrett Nickelsen says the meetups serve as alternatives for fans who don’t want to risk their health or well-being in long lines waiting for doors to open at clubs. 

Nickelsen says fans won’t have to fret about losing their spot in line, as wristbands disseminated at the meetups will hold their place in line. 

Keep in mind: The shows on this tour have a “gold” theme. The tour’s website recommends fans wear mustard-colored clothing and bring fake yellow flowers to the venues. 

Kirch describes “The Mirror Tour” has a more “cohesive show” with top-notch production. 

The audio-visual elements tie into the entire set, a result of the musicians spending hours researching those effects. New equipment will provide a 360-degree sound experience to the crowd. Kirch enjoys the DIY approach to the show. 

“We have a specific way that we want things done,” Kirch says. “We can hire somebody else to do it, but it’s going to take probably longer to explain it and go back and forth to get it right than to just do it ourselves.”

To continue that DIY vibe, The Maine is building its own merchandise display and is “super involved” in photo booths for the tour, Nickelsen says. 

The Maine—which also includes singer/rhythm guitarist John O’Callaghan; guitarist Jared Monaco and lead guitarist Kennedy Brock—is proud to be from the Valley. 

“Our fans here, they have a sense of pride in us being from here,” Kirch says.

That adds a little pressure to The Maine when they play hometown gigs. The shows interrupt pre-show routines and meet-and-greet lists. 

O’Callaghan is a big baseball fan. In August, The Maine traded the stage for the Arizona Diamondbacks field to participate in throwing the first pitch.

“For us, every day we are on tour and reminded how cool this is,” Kirch says. “For our parents, it is a cool thing for them.”

Baseball goes way back for The Maine. When Nickelsen met O’Callaghan in San Diego, the bassist referred to his future singer as “The baseball guy.”

“This is John? The baseball guy?” Nickelsen said.

The band formed in 2007 and took off from there. Their seventh studio album, “You Are OK,” debuted in March.

On “The Mirror Tour,” fans can expect songs from each era of “The Maine.” 

“This time I really feel like every era gets its due in the set,” Kirch says. “There’s at least a song from every album.”

As is the trend, The Maine will break it down for an acoustic set during this tour. Kirch wouldn’t reveal which songs would be featured. 

Nickelsen and Kirch agree “Slip The Noose” is their current favorite song to play live. When fans respond accordingly, The Maine’s musicians feel the love.

“I remember being like, ‘How do we make every song feel like this?” Nickelsen says.

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