In a survey conducted by Herbal Essences last month, 60 percent of respondents said their ideal weekend is spent at home.

Often referred to as "cocooning," the trend is the inspiration behind Herbal Essences’ latest commercial: The Streaking Party.

In it, a group of women and men gather to highlight one another’s hair.

While the idea of a Streaking Party might seem a bit odd, asking a friend (or four) to help apply highlights is not a bad idea.

Not only does it make the process less intimidating, athome kits are considerably less expensive than a trip to the salon.

Clyde Haygood, an Herbal

Essences colorist responsible for hair color on "American Idol," offered some advice on highlighting at home:

• Use a formulation that allows you to see exactly where you’re placing the highlights.

• Do a strand test to make sure you’re getting the color you want (while waiting for the color to make its mark, give each other manicures or other simple spa treatments).

• Don’t be overly ambitious and highlight every strand of hair — especially when you’re being held responsible for a friend’s hair.

Remember: It is far easier to add than to take away.

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