Bradford Anderson and Steve Burton multifaceted show to Phoenix

Bradford Anderson and Steve Burton bring their tour to CB Live in Phoenix on Monday, July 15.

When “General Hospital” stars Bradford Anderson and Steve Burton decided to hit the road and promote their individual talents, fans weren’t sure what to think. 

Their characters – computer nerd Damian “The Jackal” Spinelli (Anderson) and mafia hitman Jason “Stone Cold” Morgan (Burton) – are polar opposites, but their relationship works – just like offscreen. 

“Because of our relationship on the show, fans know they’re going to see something fun,” Burton said. “They don’t know they’re coming to see an actual show. They’re pleasantly surprised.

“They learn Jason Morgan has a personality and how Bradford can sing. Nobody knows that. He’s theatrically trained. Basically, it’s a live version of ‘Dumb and Dumber.’ You’ll definitely see a lot of dumb stuff.”

Anderson is a little less silly about the description of the show that comes to CB Live at Desert Ridge Marketplace on Monday, July 15. 

“It’s 90 minutes of music and comedy based on the world of ‘General Hospital,’” Anderson said. “There are a lot of stories about ‘General Hospital,’ an interactive Q&A, and a little bit of everything.”

The two actors will perform separate sets and then come together for a few bits and an audience Q&A. Fans can expect “General Hospital” parody songs, cover songs, comedy and discussions about their podcast, “That’s Awesome.”

“We finish the show with a mock theme from ‘General Hospital,’” Burton said. 

The CB Live gig will feature some improvisation, but Burton and Anderson stress they will come prepared. 

“Within the bits, though, there is a lot of room for us to play,” Anderson said. “There’s no work on the audience’s part. We do allow for a very short Q&A just for the people who have burning questions. This is the one time they can ask Steve Burton what kind of hairspray he uses.”

“Or if I wear boxers or briefs,” Burton interjected playfully.

One question Burton refuses to answer is his favorite love interest. 

“That’s called ‘death by answer,’” he said with a laugh. “There’s no right answer in that question.”

The two plan shows according to the location, so fans, say in Phoenix, won’t see the same show twice.

“We have such an amazing relationship with our audience,” Anderson said. “It’s so easy to have fun with them. We’re so comfortable with them. It’s an amazing room full of human beings.”

Burton and Anderson’s shows have evolved organically. It began as a concert, but then fans wanted to know if they could ask questions. 

“We thought, ‘Let’s really craft a show,’” Anderson said. “He and I have a great energy on stage. We thought, because we were performing in comedy clubs, we could try comedy. That’s scary, right?

“We were singing cover songs, like ‘Don’t Stop Believin’.’ If you sing ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’ in a room full of ’80s music fans, you’re going to be a hit. But with comedy, you’re a little more yourself and vulnerable. We were a little nervous and unsure if fans would find us funny. But it worked. It’s really fun for us to be creative. 

“We get to present something prepared just for them that’s out of our brains and heart. We’re very lucky, though. Our audience is friendly. No tomatoes are thrown.”

Anderson and Burton have been touring together for 12 years, performing close to 40 sold-out shows. Prior to that, Burton met with fans on his own. 

“The great thing we get to see on the road are generations of fans who have passed on the ‘General Hospital’ ritual,” Burton said. “We see, say, four generations of fans—grandmother, mom, daughter and her daughter. It’s an amazing thing to see. It means a lot that we can shake hands, hug fans and thank them for watching the show.

“It means so much to them to see us and tell us we’ve been a part of their family.” 

If You Go 

What:  Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson: Stone Cold and The Jackal Tour.

Where: CB Live, 21001 N. Tatum Boulevard, Phoenix.

When: 7:30 p.m. Monday, July 15.

Tickets: $49 general admission; $99 VIP (ticket, reserved seating and meet and greet)

Info:  602-910-5161,

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