We’re already one week into the new year and it’s business as usual. A takeover of government land by armed militia in Oregon; a hotel fire in Dubai; and yes, they’re still running for president. And I’m over here all excited because there was an A-Team marathon on New Year’s Day.

The episode I saw was The Taxicab Wars, and the guest stars were Michael Ironside, from Scanners, Total Recall, Starship Troopers and many more thrillers. He had already done Scanners, so I’m sure he was typecast into playing bad guys. So that’s what he is in this one, the owner of a cab company who’s trying to knock off the competing cab company run by Ernie Hudson of Ghostbusters fame. He’s the one that actually hired the A-Team.

Let me digress more. There are two other cameos in this made-for-TV action show. The first is Ogre, aka Donald Gibb from Revenge of the Nerds. He’ll always be Ogre to me. He plays a thug fresh out of jail to be a strong-arm for Ironside.

The other cameo was Liz Sheridan the lady who played Seinfeld’s mom and who was also in the television comedy hit ALF. She was a passenger in the back seat of Murdock’s cab as it barrel-rolled onto Hannibal’s cab.

One more thing and I’ll move on: It’s about B.A. Baracus who was driving one of the cabs. If you’ll remember, he did a movie called D.C. Cab that was released in December 1983. The Taxicab Wars came out earlier that year. One has to wonder if his role while driving a cab in this episode didn’t land him the gig in the movie D.C. Cab?

The reason I wanted to write about this A-Team episode wasn’t because it was so awesome, but because Uber made the news about their price surging for New Year’s Eve. So when I saw the title, I laughed and instantly thought about Uber and Lyft. What if the A-Team were hired to settle a dispute between them? Or some jilted customers?

Unfortunately, the A-Team couldn’t help passengers stuck with outrageous price surges on NYE.

Local Lane

Let’s get on with some music. Here’s a few shows to start the year off right:

Friday, Jan. 8 at Pho Cao Restaurant, 7436 E. McDowell Road, Scottsdale, is an amazing lineup of music with The Sugar Thieves, a well-respected band in the Valley with a blues-rock vibe. Japhy’s Descent is also on the bill, and they’re rock and roll personified.

Opening the night will be There Is Danger, and closing the night are my favorite people: The Pleasure Victims. This show is dynamic, so don’t miss it.

Saturday night, Jan. 9 is full of great music with one of my favorite Front Porch bands, Huckleberry. They’re releasing their new sophomore album Problems on vinyl at the Valley Bar in Downtown Phoenix.

Some reggae/rock is available at Third Space at 1028 Grand Ave., in Phoenix with Pride Through Strife, The Effects and The Irie. The jamming of good vibes starts at 8 p.m. It’s free too!

You can also catch Captain Squeegee and Fairy Bones together on Saturday night at The Rebel Lounge 2303 E. Indian School Road in Phoenix.

Bear Ghost and Harrison Fjord are also on the bill.

For all you comedy lovers out there, The House of Comedy on 5350 E. High St. in Desert Ridge features Leonard Ouzts, who’s been featured on Gotham Comedy Nights and at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival. Tune into Driving With Gass…Man on FX 99.1FM around 4:50 p.m. for your chance to win four tickets and a $50 food and beverage credit to The House of Comedy every weekend.

Give yourself the gift of live entertainment for 2016 and beyond!

• Kevin Gassman has been in Phoenix radio for more than 15 years. He routinely does stand-up comedy and can be heard weekday afternoons on 99.1FM All That Rocks! Follow him on and on Twitter @radiogass. Email:

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