Dee Jay Silver

Dee Jay Silver has spent a good chunk of the month in the Valley, spinning for Jason Aldean at a private show and during their gig at Ak-Chin Pavilion last Friday.

The turntablist, who has played the world around, wouldn’t have it any other way.

The DJ/remixer/producer is the first and only DJ to be signed to a major Nashville record label, RCA Nashville/Sony Music. In mid-July, he released his first original single, “Just Got Paid.”

The ode to the weekend features vocals from indie singer-songwriter Austin Webb, who co-wrote the song with Silver in their adopted hometown of Nashville.

“We wanted to write the perfect summertime, goodtime song,” said Silver.

“I write every day. Sometimes you have a hit, sometimes you don’t. The song just kind of worked itself out. I remember when Austin called me about the song, I was standing in the line at bank.”

Silver said he’s considering making a full-length album, but doesn’t see it as practical.

“It’ll be a process,” he said. “I take it one single at a time. Albums don’t make sense unless you’re Jason Aldean. There is a lot of pressure on artists to sell albums.”

He said he’s planning on releasing another single soon, but so far “Just Got Paid” was the fourth most added song to radio stations nationwide behind Miranda Lambert, Aldean and Luke Bryan.

Silver said he learns from each artist he performs or writes with.

“Every one of them has a different style,” he said. “If you don’t learn, there’s something wrong with you. There’s no wrong way to do things. Just do it the way you think you should.

“Not everybody’s going to like it, but people who don’t like it aren’t your fans. You try to make your fan base happy and convert new people.”

Silver has a busy year. He’s playing El Hefe in Scottsdale Sunday, and is plotting a return in the fall. He said he has “a ton” of international dates in the Caribbean. He is also expecting an addition to his family, though he won’t say if the baby is a girl or boy.

“Basically, at my shows, I let the crowd dictate it,” he said “I just want people to drink and have a good time.”

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