Pablo Francisco

Arizona-bred comedian Pablo Francisco is known for his spontaneous outbursts, clever insights and rapid-fire remarks.

This doesn’t end when the stage lights switch off. During a recent interview, Francisco zigzagged between topics, told stories of his time in Arizona and shared his love for Stand Up Live in Phoenix and Tempe Improv.

“I’m from Tucson, but my uncle and all of them lived in Phoenix,” said Francisco, who moved to Los Angeles in 1996. “I basically grew up around there – especially when the Improv opened. I would go to my uncle’s house and go to the Improv. Depending on what the joke is about, I’ll switch between being from Tucson and Tempe.”

Francisco making his annual journey to the Grand Canyon State to play Tempe Improv and Stand Up Live Thanksgiving week – 8 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 22, at Tempe Improv; and various times Friday, Nov. 24, to Sunday, Nov. 26, at Stand Up Live in Phoenix.

“I’m very, very fortunate to have good managers who get me there every single Thanksgiving,” he said. “I get to see the family at the same time that I make fun of myself and everybody else who’s there. It’s going to be a fun show.”

Francisco has performed worldwide, and his past three Australian tours featured sold-out shows in Melbourne and Sydney. In 20 minutes, he sold 10,000 tickets in Sweden, he said.

Francisco’s popularity is not limited to the stage. His material has garnered more than 100 million YouTube viewers, and over 154,000 Facebook fans. Francisco, who recently returned from shows in Croatia, encourages others to not give up on their dreams and use any means possible.

“Let’s use this word, instead: desire. Never forget your desire,” Francisco said. “No matter how old you are, you can use YouTube. It’s an incredible piece of tool work. People in other countries can see you and want to book you.

“To this day, my manager goes, ‘If your dad could only see what you’re really doing—playing air guitar with friends, drinking alcohol and entertaining.’ Doing it for a living is a beautiful thing. It’s a hobby that became a career.”

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