Instruction Rooms

This is one of several Instruction Rooms, where worshippers learn about God’s creation and the purpose of life. Unique to the Mesa Arizona Temple, patrons advance room to room. Each instruction room is slightly elevated above the previous, symbolizing progression to heaven. 

Members of the general public will not likely have another chance to see the interior of the Mesa Arizona Temple in their lifetime – or possibly even their grandchildren may never once it is rededicated on Dec. 12. So between now and Nov. 20 – except on Sundays – people can tour Mesa’s signature landmark, which has been closed since May 2018 for a major renovation. It’s the  second since the temple was dedicated in 1927 and was extensive. The Mesa Arizona Temple is one of seven Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints temples in the state and Arizona’s first. 


Tour reservations: Some of the tour stops are shown here.

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