John Lewis, Gilbert mayor

A friend visiting our community may have just given us a new nickname. After experiencing downtown Gilbert and seeing the bustling restaurants, lines out the door and people enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of one of the most vibrant “foodie” hot spots in the Valley, he said, “Thank you for inviting me to ‘Delicious Downtown Gilbert!’” Whether it’s a casual meetup with friends, a family outing or a date, “Delicious Downtown Gilbert” is the place to be and offers something for everyone. It was also named one of the five Best Food Neighborhoods in Metro Phoenix by the Phoenix New Times.

You will see families lined on the picnic tables outside Joe’s Real BBQ and a line down the sidewalk to have breakfast or lunch at the Farmhouse. Don’t forget Liberty Market, a Gilbert staple, that’s always busy at any time of the day. Postino’s and Joy Ride, two of Upward Projects’ latest investments in Gilbert, have full and lively patios every day of the week. Oregano’s, one of the first restaurants to kick-start the revitalization of Gilbert’s downtown, is always packed. And downtown’s newest addition, Zinburger, is bustling day and night. Three nights a week, food trucks offer a variety of cuisines from designer waffles to homemade ice cream.

And it’s about to get even busier.

Soon, new establishments, including Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles and Barrio Queen, will open their doors in the Heritage Marketplace. And, later this year, Pomo Pizzeria and Petersen’s Ice Cream Company will join them. Snooze AM Eatery, a trendy breakfast and lunch establishment, will also open its doors.

What was once a quiet center of a small town is now a thriving hub of one of the fastest growing and safest communities in the country. Under the iconic water tower, you will see families enjoying the splash pad, an outdoor concert or the Saturday Farmer’s Market while others are watching local theater across the street. But, before and after, you won’t want to miss a meal at one of downtown Gilbert’s many restaurant offerings.

To add to the growth and excitement Gilbert’s first university, Saint Xavier, will open its doors this fall, just steps behind the new Heritage Marketplace just off of Gilbert Road. This will bring a new energy of young, enthusiastic students, adding to the already eclectic vibe at the center of our community.

If you haven’t been downtown recently, you should go, now. Discover the delicious side of Gilbert.

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