Cardinals offer cheap thrills  compared to other NFL cities

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Although State Farm Stadium has not been kind to the Arizona Cardinals, who have won once in their last 10 home games, it apparently treats its fans well.

Research by Sidelines sports technology and digital media company lists the Cardinals first in the NFL for offered the most affordable fan experience. Calculations incudes the price of an average wholesale ticket, parking, a 16-ounce beer and a hot dog at stadiums for preseason and regular season games.

The report revealed the Cardinals are the cheapest NFL team to follow this season with an average consumer total of $117.46 per game. The Las Vegas Raiders were the costliest at $273.47.

“It was a pretty packed game, so I think the ticket price for what I got was reasonable,” said Tucson native Mark Islas, who attended the Seattle Seahawks vs. Cardinals game on Nov. 6. “Their parking pass was surprisingly cheap, and it was one that was relatively close to the stadium. It’s pretty affordable.”

The Cardinals have disappointed fans this season with their 4-6 record and inconsistent play. The team sits third in the NFC West and has Cardinals general manager Steve Keim, coach Kliff Kingsbury and quarterback Kyler Murray searching for answers.

“Hard Knocks In Season: The Arizona Cardinals” debuted Nov. 9 and has provided an inside look on how the team hopes to turn things around. Despite the underwhelming play, the 47th most valuable sports franchise in the world has continued to fill its stadium.

Chicago native and college student Janae Bradford attended her first Cardinals game in October when Arizona faced the New Orleans Saints.

Bradford and her friends arrived an hour before the game and walked through the pedestrian underpass with “Arizona” engraved on one side and “Cardinals” etched on the other, which leads to State Farm Stadium’s south entrance. They entered the 2023 Super Bowl site to the sight of a red sea with black and gold sprinkled around.

“I knew it was going to be an overwhelming experience just knowing how serious the fan base is,” Bradford said. “I didn’t want to put too much pressure on what the experience would be like. I just wanted to walk in and let the environment speak for itself.”

Bradford paid around $50 for 400-level tickets. Low ticket prices are one reason that the Cardinals have the NFL’s least expensive experience for fans.

Arizona has the most affordable parking tickets in the NFL ($20) and ranks fifth in lowest average ticket price ($84.83), fourth in hot dog price ($4.50) and ninth in beer cost ($8.13), according to the report. 

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