Hash Kitchen  2855 W. Ray Road, Suite 4 480-361-5228

Hash Kitchen

2855 W. Ray Road, Suite 4

480-361-5228, hashkitchen.com

Brunch - First Place

Hash Kitchen

2855 W. Ray Road, Suite 4

480-361-5228, hashkitchen.com

Hash Kitchen is home to Arizona’s largest Bloody Mary bar. The bar also serves a variety of mimosas, specialty cocktails, fresh juice, coffee and tea. A brunch at Hash Kitchen can also include French toast, waffles, pancakes, frittatas, eggs Benedict or the famous scramblers. 

Beyond an impressive menu, the restaurant invites their customers to a social-dining experience. Hash Kitchen is a vibrant, creative a.m. eatery with fun features, like its selfie station, weekend DJ booth and, of course, the build-your-own Bloody Mary bar. 

At the Bloody Mary bar, customers can choose a salt rim topping, type of tomato juice, base vodka and toppings from the typical celery and bacon to the unusual fried ravioli, pickled eggs or hush puppies.

Hash Kitchen is the perfect culinary destination for locals and visitors alike.

Second Place

Hangar Café

1725 E. Ryan Road


Third Place

BLD Chandler

1920 W. Germann Road

480-779-8646, bldchandler.com

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