Best Chiropractor: Weisbrod Chiropractic

Certified Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization practitioner Dr. Warren Weisbrod performs DNS treatment at Weisbrod Chiropractic on Sept. 17, 2015.

401 N. Alma School Road, Suite 1, 480-821-0101,

Backing up passion with a lifetime of expertise

By Eric Smith, GetOut

Warren Weisbrod didn’t choose the chiropractor life, the chiropractor life chose him.

The son of a chiropractor, Weisbrod could be found helping his dad out in the office and very often with his nose buried in an anatomy book.

“I just grew up in it,” Weisbrod said. “It’s the same reason some people follow their parents in other professions is they just love it and respect it.”

When his parents would go to chiropractic seminars, Weisbrod wouldn’t be found goofing off or causing a ruckus, he sat and paid attention, soaking up all that he could and leading him deeper down the path following in his father’s footsteps.

“I got exposed to so many different practitioners and seeing different avenues within the chiropractic field,” he said.

Now, Weisbrod has been in his current location since 1990 and helps people alleviate all kinds of back ailments especially in sports injuries, although he’s more than willing to help any injured back.

Weisbrod’s mother Kay, who works at the front desk at Weisbrod Chiropractic, has enjoyed seeing her son come up through the ranks and being recognized as the Best Chiropractor in the city.

“It’s been fun,” Kay Weisbrod said. “From generation to generation there’s been a massive change, public acceptance and how it has changed and helped more people.”

Weisbrod, though, mostly attributes his success to his dedication to his craft.

“(I) try to get better even at this age,” Weisbrod said.

With this level of passion and years of expertise, it is little wonder that Chandler chooses Warren Weisbrod and Weisbrod Chiropractic as the Best Chiropractor.


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