Flinn Scholars

Flinn Scholars Tommy Bello and Ajay Karpur were honored at Mountain Pointe High School�s Excellence Awards, which honored over 400 students for academic, athletic and community service awards on Monday, May 7.

Tommy Bello and Ajay Karpur were named 2012 Flinn Scholars recently, a recognition that will help them financially as they leave high school in pursuit of higher education.

The two Mountain Pointe High School seniors were among the 22 Arizona students who earned the title after an extensive review and academic process. As winners, their tuition and room-and-board will be paid as they advance to the next chapter in their lives, with a total value of up to $100,000.

With his financial status more concrete, Bello will move on to the University of Arizona where he will study biomedical engineering.

“Originally I thought I wanted to study electrical engineering, but then I decided I wanted to do something more impactful on other people’s lives,” Bello, 18, said. “I hope to one day help with more debilitating conditions such as cancer. (The University of Arizona) has a really good medical school and that definitely made an impact on my decision.”

Before undertaking that next step, Bello will have his hands full this summer before moving. He has plans to travel to Joplin, Mo., with a choir group to help in the rebuilding process after a tornado struck the city one year ago. He will also be attending another camp in California before leaving for the United Kingdom with his father.

“I guess I am going to miss, to some extent, the kind of carefree lifestyle in high school and not having to worry about things too much outside of school,” he said. “I’m going to miss a lot of my friends, but I am definitely looking forward to college — just the whole experience of being on my own and having to take responsibility for everything. And I will get to focus on learning things that are interesting to me.”

The Flinn Scholarship is open to Arizona high school seniors who choose to attend an in-state university.

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