Businesses are finding that the Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce offers cost-effective resources for professional development. The chamber offers programs to give you an insider’s view on specialized business issues, network with other involved chamber members, and learn to market your services or products to your target audiences.

The Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce offers opportunities to advance your career while building critical leadership, professional development and public speaking skills, and connecting with local business leaders.

In addition to business interest groups, the chamber offers a Toastmasters Club for business professionals to develop their public speaking, listening and thinking skills.

In competitive economic times, it’s important to make yourself as valuable as possible — whether you’re holding down a job or seeking employment.

Business owners who are part of Toastmasters will often experience an increase in their business performance and there is likely to be an increase in the effectiveness of their communication with clients, vendors, and staff.

You become more effective in high pressure situations where you have to give immediate responses, i.e. staff conflict resolution or important negotiations.

Businesses can utilize Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber events to train and strengthen their staff by matching employees with the programs that will be of benefit to their specific area of work.

By attending events, your staff can interact with professionals and potential mentors so they can learn the importance of skills such as timeliness and teamwork outside of their normal workday, as well as develop their own contact lists.

Encouraging your staff to become members of Toastmasters may result in fast measurable improvement in their performance and effectiveness at work.

Clearer communication leads to less chance of misunderstandings, which can result in improved sales. The development of strong evaluation skills leads to a work environment where new ideas can be implemented faster with less resistance, growing your business smoothly.

A confident employee is more likely to take on an active role in the community, network more freely and act as stronger ambassadors for your business.

The chamber offers the tools and resources you need to better yourself and your business as well as the community you live, work and play in. For more information on how you can utilize the programs and events of the Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce to your best advantage, contact (480) 753-7676 or email

A list of upcoming events and committee meetings can be found by visiting

• Anne Gill is president and chief executive officer of the Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce. Reach her at (480) 753-7676 or


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