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Jason Williams

As a lifelong educator and the candidate with the most diverse background and set of experiences, I'm running again because the status quo and special interest insiders have failed to provide excellent public schools for another four years. Our children deserve top-notch public schools. No student has to fail, so the question remains--will we fail them?

Being the first person in my family to attend college, I have long recognized the importance of a high-quality education. With the solid foundation of a high-quality public education, each person has the potential to achieve his or her dreams. We must, as a state, say we will no longer allow students' life prospects to suffer because of our own inability or unwillingness to provide an excellent public education system. As Superintendent of Public Instruction, my responsibility, and the focus that will always be central in everything I do, will be to ensure every student in this state has access to an excellent public school.

Arizona education is at an exciting turning point. We have learned a tremendous amount from some of our previous efforts at reform and have a clearer idea of what needs to be done on a system-wide level to improve opportunities for all students. We also see a growing consensus statewide that a high-quality public education system is critical to Arizona's future success, particularly its economical success. Given the current dynamics and opportunities, Arizona must have a superintendent who is able to build collaborative partnerships, engage with all stakeholders, and demonstrate perseverance and results. I will be able to bring a wide diversity of people and groups together with the singular focus of increasing student achievement for all students.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated my ability to work with many stakeholders in a variety of settings to produce clear results for students. As a 6th grade math and science teacher in Oakland, I was nominated for California's Middle School Teacher of the Year Award and elected to the Teachers' Association State Council of Education. I served as Teach For America's Executive Director in Arizona where I increased teacher placements by 150% and moved Arizona from the lowest to the highest performing region nationally in terms of student outcomes. I have also served on several charter school boards, initiated a fund to help elect strong school board candidates, and I currently work with the Roosevelt School District on its turnaround efforts, while also serving as a faculty member of the Beat The Odds Institute Parent Liaison Academy. Each of these experiences has demonstrated my passion for public education, my determination to contribute as I can to improving education, and my ability to navigate the many different people, organizations, and structures in the Arizona education landscape. The breadth of my work puts me in the best position to move all of Arizona's students forward. I ask for your vote to be Arizona's next Superintendent of Public Instruction. To learn more about my campaign, please visit my website at www.WilliamsForArizona.com.


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Jason, I am troubled by you characterizing yourself as a "life long educator." You taught students for two years.

Studies show us that over a third of teachers quit in the first 3 years. I would not call them life-long educators. Rather, I could say they tried being a teacher, and decided it was not for them.

Calling yourself a "life long educator" is deceptive. I've had enough of that sort of behavior out of our current Superintendent. I can't take another 4 years of it.

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