Three months after she published her unflattering description of him, it appears President Obama is still miffed with Gov. Jan Brewer.

When the president arrived at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, he was greeted by the governor who handed him a handwritten letter in an envelope. Brewer later described it as a personal note asking him to sit down to discuss the "Arizona comeback.''

But the president was apparently more interested in discussing "Scorpions for Breakfast,'' her book in which she describes her fights with politicians -- including Obama -- to secure the border. The book included the governor's very uncomplimentary description of their meeting nearly two years ago at the White House, saying the president was "patronizing'' and "condescending'' to her.

"I started off talking about jobs and the economy,'' Brewer said late Wednesday of the meeting on the airport tarmac.

"And he changed the subject to my book,'' she continued. "He was a little bit disenchanted about how he was portrayed,'' she said, though Brewer said the president admitted to reading only "excerpts'' of the book.

The White House confirmed that Obama brought up the subject after telling Brewer that he would be glad to meet with her again.

"But (he) did note that after their last meeting, a cordial discussion in the Oval Office, the governor inaccurately described the meeting in her book,'' the statement said.

"I stood there, trying to understand exactly what was going on here, because that's not why I was there,'' the governor said Wednesday night.

Part of her book, published in November, details how she managed to get a meeting with the president in 2010.

That was after she had signed SB 1070 into law, a measure aimed at giving state and local police more authority to detain and arrest illegal immigrants. But it was before the Obama administration went to federal court to overturn it.

In her book, Brewer said she sought the meeting to explain to the president "exactly what is taking place down there in Arizona and that we need to have our borders secured.''

That, she wrote, was not the president's agenda.

"It wasn't long before I realized I was hearing the president's stump speech," she wrote. "

On Wednesday, Brewer defended what she wrote as accurate.

"I believe that the book is a very straightforward, honest recollection of exactly what took place at the White House."

During the short encounter at the airport, Brewer pointed at the president, with that moment captured in a photograph. But the governor said that, whatever the picture looks like, she was not acting in anger.

"I've always been kind of animated,'' she said.

"We could have been talking about a lot of different things,'' Brewer continued, saying she respects the office of the president. "And I would never be disrespectful in that manner.''

But Brewer said that, the president's complaints Wednesday afternoon about the book aside, she and Obama clearly were not communicating much at all.

"He wants to talk about amnesty and I want to talk about securing our border,'' she said. "We're just not ever going to agree on that.''

That, she said, was underscored by how the conversation at the airport ended.

"I was in the middle of a sentence and he walked away,'' Brewer said.

Brewer's explanation of exactly what happened at that 2010 Oval Office meeting has changed over time.

After emerging from the White House, the governor said she and the president had "a very cordial discussion of what's taking place in Arizona and dealing with the security of our border and illegal immigration into the state of Arizona and into America.''

But in an interview last fall with Capitol Media Services, Brewer said she wasn't being honest at that time. The governor said she decided to hold her tongue at that point "because I was promised that he would get back with me, get in contact with me within two weeks, and I would have a report.''

"And I thought that after our conversation that, possibly, there was hope," Brewer said in her interview. "Maybe I was naive.''

After the Department of Justice sued, a federal judge blocked the state from enforcing several key provisions SB 1070, saying the legislation was preempted by federal law. That decision, upheld by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, is now on review to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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I was surprised he came to Arizona, especially Chandler. Why would he go to Intel and talk about keeping jobs in America?? I thought he was ANTI big companies that just take advantage of the little man? He certainly didn't talk about that this time around. Besides...if he wanted to take advantage of the situation, wouldn't he want to see first hand what Arizonans have to deal with concerning the border? He was already here. The border isn't that far. I thought he wanted to be an INFORMED president.


Don't like Brewer at all never have,but i'm on her side on this one. Obama and his puppet Nappy have done nothing for us and our state,and never will.


You (liberal) progressives are sooooo predictible----I should know, used to be one. Use the victim, race card, and if that doesn't work, time to use personal attacks. Jan Brewer rocks!!! No wonder I love it here with no-nonsense leadership at the helm. Question: The liberal states of Mexifornia, Illinois, and New York are calling all progressives----time to pack your bags!!!

Leon Ceniceros

Beatiful hand-written letter from our beautiful Governor.

When you see "comments" that call her a drunk...this comes from the lowest common denominator of the American Public...the Democrats. All they know how to do is ridicule. All the scholastic degrees in the World won't change a pig from being a pig. Giving yourself an "honorific" or a "title" doesn't change anything...if you act like a pig....then you are a pig.

WT Fover

Unsecured borders. Insecure president. It's about time our elected officials told this idiot how the majority of Americans feel. Oboy is so weak, he's last week!


The proof is in the pudding. After Obama confronted our governor, he then goes to campaign in Chandler, telling us that he "loves Arizona." That's BS! If he loves us so much, why is he suing us? He just "loves" our votes. He's just spitting in the wind. Points for Jan!!!

Marcus Gallio

All Jan did was to tell O'Bonehead, "Keep yo mutha f@#$%& snakes on that mutha f@#$%& plane." She wasn't dissin the brother, just keepin him straight up.

Marcus Gallio

I don't love what any politician does but I RESPECT what our great Governor Jan Brewer did yesterday at Mesa/Gateway when this goofball food stamp occupant of the White House tried to bulldoze her. She said "In Your Face, O'Bonehead." He's taking credit for the Intel plant when it was designed and planned five years ago under that goofball Bush. But thats what these far-left liberal whackjobs do, they take credit for what other people do. O'Bonehead was President of the Harvard Law Review - but he never wrote one opinion, never wrote one case study nor decided one controversial issue when he had that job. He didn't do any WORK in his life except use a bullhorn as a street activist in Chicago. You like him? Good. but that was his last State of the Union address the other night. He's GONE BABY GONE.


Jan Brewer is the one that is fact-deficient. She was interviewed after the meeting she had with Obama that was in her book. In that interview, she said the meeting was cordial and she did not mention that the president just basically gave her a stump speech.
Then, to spice up her book, she says the president was condescending and talked down to her and really didn't give her much respect.
So, in their first meeting since the book comes out, Obama expresses his displeasure with the fact she changed her story about the meeting and she decides she's going to put her finger in his face instead of simply saying, 'I'm sorry you feel that way, Mr. President, but hopefully we can move past it.'
She lacks a lot of things, but what she lacked most yesterday was class and although folks like Marcus and Masterrogue loved what she did, it really is an embarrassment to our state.

Marcus Gallio

"it appears President Obama is still miffed with Gov. Jan Brewer"!!!
Typical behavior of a crooked corrupt Chicago politcian who's destroying this country. O'Bonehead is lucky our Governor Jan Brewer didn't hit him with a rolling pin and Sheriff Joe didn't lock him up on an immigration violation. Send this clown of a POTUS back to Chicago and have him continue to steal the Tax-payers money in that corrupt State. Arizona knows a crook when it sees one and we want nothing of him. he allowed our outstanding Border Patrol agents to be gunned down by criminal illegal aliens and he does nothing about it except protect his incompetent stooges. GET RID OF THE LOT OF THEM !!!


"On Wednesday, Brewer defended what she wrote as accurate."

Well, considering she didn't write it, as it was ghostwritten, that's just yet another lie from the Governor.


masterrogue666: i agree with you. it is disgraceful the way the lobby for the chamber of commerce ALSO keeps trying to force amnesty sown AMERICAN CITIZENS throats.


The person responsible for allocating funds, which we so dearly need, is put in his place. The same kind of pride which the Governors of South Carolina, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania displayed when confronting the unions. They got their points across, postured for their electorate, and lost million$ for the future. Typical tea party move!

Mr Bill

I am personally embarrassed that my "Governor" is incapable of maintaining the slightest veneer of civility when meeting the President of the United States publicly. The woman is incompetent and unfit to represent our great state.


The stench from this harridan women and her persistent malfeasance is a disgrace to the citizens of Arizona. When she said she had to regroup, I guess that means time for another Absolute Vodka shot.


Yes, it's disgraceful how Obama keeps trying to force amnesty down AMERICAN CITIZENS throats. He knows that the MAJORITY of Americans are against ANY AMNESTY until the border is made much less porous.

Mike C

That woman is a complete disgrace. Holy hell.


@skyduide, Yes, Obama should be embarrassed, I agree.


Hey. She was drunk.



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