Gubernatorial debate
Terry Goddard and Jan Brewer

Gov. Jan Brewer's large lead over Democrat Terry Goddard is eroding in the final weeks of a campaign that once looked like a runaway victory for the Republican incumbent.

The shift comes after a race that's been anything but predictable.

The election's focus careened from the economy to immigration to Brewer's debate performance - and in recent weeks to rumors about Brewer's health and insinuations over Goddard's sexuality.

While Brewer led Goddard by 20 points in July, she's supported by 38 percent of likely voters compared with Goddard's 35 percent, according to a Behavior Research poll conducted the first 10 days of October. The gap between the candidates narrowed as support for Goddard rose during the survey.

Libertarian Barry Hess and the Green Party's Larry Gist had 6 percent between the two of them.

Brewer's touting her support of Senate Bill 1070, which makes it a crime for illegal immigrants to be in Arizona.

Brewer said she's luring new businesses and jobs by turning the Arizona Department of Commerce into the Arizona Commerce Authority, which has top business leaders serving as advisers. She mocks Goddard's plan to boost the economy.

Goddard criticized Brewer's response to the economic downturn, saying she waited until recent months to put her economic plan into place despite becoming governor in January 2008. His plan involves attracting small businesses that would grow into large employers, and delaying taxes for three years on companies that come to Arizona.

Goddard, who ran for governor in 1990 and is ending his term as attorney general, said Arizona's image has taken a beating because of SB 1070. He blasted Brewer for claiming beheaded bodies had been found in the desert, which she later recanted.

The four candidates appeared in just one televised debate, where Brewer made headlines after blanking out. She's refused any more debates, triggering Hess and Goddard to criticize her for hiding from voters. Brewer says she's eager to meet people, including newspaper editorial boards and at countless speaking engagements.

Brewer said voters know who she is and she's not willing to give Goddard more opportunities to define himself.

Hess, an investor, would eliminate many taxes and regulations while imposing a flat transaction tax. That would boost the economy by luring businesses to Arizona, he said.

Gist, a commercial real estate agent, advocates decentralizing state government, installing solar panels on state land and legalizing marijuana so it can be taxed.

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"Pearce and Arpaio and Brewer and all the rest who want to stop the invasion" are the illegals." Rich, you do know what an illegal alien is don't you? Rich, please detail for us exactly how "Pearce and Arpaio and Brewer and all the rest...They break the Constitution" You may want to actually read it before commenting on it as I know you lefty's have a habit of responding to documents before actually reading them. Just as an example, the feds set pollution standards that all states must adhere to, but each state can set pollution standards higher if they choose to. So why is it that the states cannot set standards for voting rights higher than the fed standards? It is federal law that you must be a citizen of America to vote in America, right? So why would they even care if Arizona enacts a law requiring all citizens to prove they are citizens. To get an Arizona drivers license, passport, or birth certificate you have to be a US citizen, and any of these can be used to prove you have a right to vote here in Arizona. So why would any of you complain that this law is unconstitutional? I can understand why the extreme left might want as many illegals voting as they usually vote democrat. Why is it that these illegals should be allowed to participate in our government when the first thing they did upon entering America was to committed a crime?


there you go again obscuring and confusing but never facing reality. Your prejudice and racist views are very obvious. If you're a white man I'll throw in retarded as well. Heck, almost everyone in the world is prejudiced for their own race, but white people are the only one's called racists for it. When the majority of Americans say they would prefer a nation that shares their values and looks like them, they are automatically labeled as racist, but all other races that want the same thing aren't? So why even have a border at all if you don't see an illegal immigration problem? Lets just allow them to really flood our state so you tards can benefit from the wonders of multiculturalism. Turn the whole state into a Mexican slum or better yet lets make Arizona a Mexican state. Hey I know, lets bring so many Mexicans into our state that we too have to go bankrupt like Calimexico and New York. That is a very good bet considering their giving illegals free benefits that should only be available to citizens. You are going to get this some time in the near future unless you and others don't start supporting Pearce and Arpaio and Brewer and all the rest who want to stop the invasion.


Masterrogue666...I see the comment by bingo6…I disagree with labeling supporters of sb1070 all white supremist, I believe the only way to get back to our common goal of moving our state forward is to put down our differences, roll up our sleeves and focus on education, recapturing corporate business support, balancing the states budget, pushing for AZ to manufacture solar technology and capture solar energy to lower in-state power cost and sell units to neighboring states. Place limits on government financial support and assistance in training, educating and placing recipients in comparable jobs. Goddard can deliver this, Jan has and will not. She wants to play musical politics with Pearce and Arpio at our expense.


I’m a mestizo? huh, next time I do the census I can mark other and wright in Mestizo…rrjenn you are funny. I like your spirit even if it’s misguided. I’m sorry if someone of color ever mistreated you or intimidated you so much that you now seem to have such hateful views. I wish Anglo-Americans like yourself could see there’s nothing to be afraid of. We all bleed red last I checked… Well, I bleed green and I put my pants on two legs at a time but we all have our special gifts. Stop the hate child. Did you even read my post?


Rich says "Brewer's supporters are pretty radical. prejudiced and ignorant." But all those wonderful mestizo supporting groups and all the mestizos themselves that support Goddard 100% aren't racists? Why is it always the white people who support their race, the racists?

They aren't really Goddard supporters as much as they are illegal immigration and open border supporters. That is why they say voting in Brewer is a vote for the so call racist Pearce. They hate everyone who is for the rule of law when it concerns illegal aliens.

mesatrue is just a mestizo who sees his best political interest in having a flood of illegals coming into Arizona. I can respect that.

It all comes down to race for many people. Almost all mestizos and you lefty whites will support Goddard due to his open border, sanctuary city supporting views. The majority of us will elect Brewer because she represents the views of the majority of us Arizonians. We win, you lose.


See all the Goddard supporters trolling.


The real topic is who best represents our great state of Arizona. Who do we believe will carry themselves in a manner that best symbolizes who we are. Jan Brewer was right on one thing, voters are smart and can decide for themselves who we deserve in office. I don’t judge Jan Brewer solely on her ability or inability to debate a few topics with candidates who are stronger in communicative skills that she. If I believed Gov. Brewer held my fellow citizens best interest at heart, I would consider her a worthy candidate. She does not .
Terry won’t change our economic woe’s overnight. Terry Goddard will demand that every person in office elevate themselves from there personal agendas and get this state back on track to success.


Masterrogue666..I'm not sure where you see Bingo6's comments? However, in response to your question's, no I personally don't think evreryone who supports sb1070 is a white supremist. Actually I think a majority of the supporters are simply frustated Americans who want answers to our economic issues. As I stated previously, I don't believe sb1070 is the answer as it's written, I do support the need for secure borders, documented immigrants, and a sytem to help support the need for good people to gain access to our country legally with an appropriate syatem in place.
Masterrogue666, I agree with you that there are tue racist in each camp that skew and manipulate the real concerns each group has. Pearce should have panelled with local community leaders and concerned citizens from all "camps" and gained a better perspective of our states concerns before writting a bill that has only helped to hurt progress and unity in cultural relations for Arizonans. We deserve better than this. Haddie Nuff is right that the only concern is not immigration and we have so much more on our plates to deal with.

Haddie Nuff

Arizona is facing far more issues than just illegals, in spite of what some out there would have us believe. I'd like to see someone in office who can address all of the problems, not just that one.

Yeah, I know. When all illegals are gone from the state we'll have full employment, pay no taxes, the crime rate will be zero, we'll have a balanced budget, children will frolic through the streets scattering rose petals, and we'll all live happily ever after.

I have no problems with deporting illegals, they should be deported, but the emphasis seems to be on incarceration, not deportation. Why is that?


mesatrue/mannyg: Interesting how you notice RollerCam's comment about "brown" pride, yet write NOTHING about Bingo6's comment about " white-supremicists allies". There are true racists in each camp. However, that doesn't mean that everyone that supports sb1070, or the removal of ILLEGAL ALIENS from our country are " white-supremicists". What do you call those that are of Hispanic/Latino ancestry, but SUPPORT sb1070? Traitors?


BROWN PRIDE your comment was so well thought out and easy to understand. I have faith that there are enough reasonable people in this state to realize we need Terry for the good of our state .Divisiveness only destroys.Thank YOU for an excellent comment I will quote you to my friends


Terry Goddard help us. Get rid of this embarrassing old crow Jan Brewer


"Brown Pride" has nothing to do with "illegal immigrants"...It's that very reasoning that shows why sb1070 will not work in this country. You automatically assume that being "brown" means you’re "illegal", why? If you assume that to be true and are ignorant of the differences, what’s to say that anyone in a place of authority won't make that same ignorant assumption? All of these "Groups" (i.e. M.E.Ch.A., ACLU, LRU and CLC) are American advocacy /ethnic rights groups who are entitled by our constitution to express and protect the rights of all. I don't have to agree with there cause or that of any TEA party group but isn’t that what makes America great. Every American wants a protected border (on every U.S. border) and a system of laws that allow immigrants to gain citizenship expediently and appropriately.
When you just lump us brown people all together and tell us to take one for the team...well...that’s too great a setback for my freedom. No, I don't think Jan Brewer is good for my state, she doesn't represent the best AZ has to offer as the "Head of State". I’m not embarrassed by what other states think of AZ but what I think of my state. We were once a reasonable, tolerant and logical state that knew the value of our residents. We can still be that state. It’s never too late to set things right. Terry Goddard best represents our intentions for the future. I will vote for Terry simply because I'm an American who many soldiers have given there lives to protect. I will honor them by placing a good, knowledgeable, smart person in office. Terry Goddard is that person. Terry wants what’s best for AZ and its residents. Terry will fight to bring us back from this gloomy mess that’s been created in our State house. Lets put our best foot forward. Vote for Terry Goddard.


All the "Brown Pride" groups that are active in Arizona, like MECHA, MALDEF, Chicanos por La Causa, the ACLU and La Raza Unida are backing Goddard 100%.

Does that tell you anything? I see it as proof that Goddard has no intention of removing ANY of the illegal invaders from our state.

His voting base wants MORE illegals in Arizona, not less, and SO DOES TERRY.


Maybe people have finally realized that if you vote for this unelected woman who refuses to debate, that the real De-facto governor would be Russell Pearce and his white-supremicists allies, who would be her puppet masters.

With Holloween approaching that would be a real terrorist scenario awaiting the citizens of this state.

Goddard at least has some actual common sense, and real loyalty to our state.


Brewer will not debate. She won't answer questions about CCA either.


Does this mean she will debate Terry Goddard now???

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