PHOENIX (AP) — Four people have been arrested for blocking an intersection outside a federal courthouse in Phoenix as Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio testified inside in a civil trial.

Arpaio took the witness stand Tuesday about allegations that his trademark immigration sweeps amounted to racial profiling against Hispanics.

About 50 protesters staged a civil disobedience near the courthouse. Four undocumented immigrants held a banner that read: "No Papers, No Fear."

The demonstration appeared to be orchestrated by grassroots community-based group that sent out a statement from the four immigrants and even provided their biographies.

Phoenix police say the four were arrested for blocking an intersection and will likely face a misdemeanor charge of failure to obey law enforcement orders.

The four live in Phoenix and range in age from 24 to 37.

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Jesus Christo de Nogales

Gustavo Arellano, Steve Gallardo, Nicky Diaz Santillan, and La Raza and all of us brown skin Mexicans presently occupying "El Norte", need to return to Mexico and help set up a population control program to help us stop having so many babies that we can't take care of them. It is disgraceful that we have to export our own brown skin people because we can't afford them here in Mexico. We can do this. Will you join us and Gustavo Arellano?


To all you illegals; Come on out to TENNESSEE! We have a welcoming party waiting for you.

Engaged Voter

The article's title is a lie.

There were no immigrants protesting outside the courthouse - they openly admitted they were ILLEGAL ALIENS, not immigrants.

So why the dishonest spin?

Engaged Voter

Dear a small voice,
The fact that you felt you had to play the race card speaks volumes about your character...or lack thereof. And by the way, the KKK is a Christian organization, and neither Jugerrnaut8000 nor myself are Christian. Try again!

Meanwhile, I would like to know why the Phoenix police turned a blind eye to four felons who openly admitted their illegal, felony status. (human smuggling is a felony here in Arizona)
(was hillstreet working that beat? LOL)

careful Juggernaut8000 your ignorance is the way the KKK called and asked if you would be willing to bring the fruit punch this week.


I think Joe should have one of his immigration sweeps conducteded right here and deport these dirty illegals.

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