— Sunday's game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Washington Nationals was briefly interrupted by protesters urging commissioner Bud Selig to move the 2011 All-Star Game from Phoenix because of Arizona's new immigration legislation.

A man emerged from the left-field stands in the fifth inning and ran into short right field after Washington pitcher Stephen Strasburg grounded to short for the first out. As security guards were about to subdue the man, a woman ran onto the field from the right-field seats.

The two ran around the field, meeting in deep right-center, before they were caught by security. As they were being escorted from the field, a man and a woman holding a banner protesting the All-Star Game in Arizona ran into right field.

Before they could display the banner, a security guard ripped it from their hands, tackling one of them. As they were taken into custody, a bedsheet banner reading "Bud Selig Move All Star Game No SB 1070" was unfurled from the facade over the batter's eye in center field.

While the banner-toting protesters were taken off the field, security removed the sign in center field. The game was delayed about two minutes.

Before the game, about three dozen people protested outside Nationals Park. A banner reading "Bud Selig Move The All Stars Game No SB 0170" that was unfurled from a parking garage was quickly removed.

Selig has declined to become involved in what he says is a political issue.

The demonstrators gathered outside the center-field gates at noon, briefly walking in a circle before security personnel ushered them into a blocked-off portion of N Street.

They handed out fliers and carried signs — some in Spanish, others in English — and chanted "Hey, baseball, let's face it — Arizona is racist" and "Hey, Bud Selig: Move the game!"

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Refried beans smeared on the capital. Major league ball games interrupted. All show that ILLEGAL ALIENS and their supporters want NOTHING TO DO WITH RULE OF LAW, unless it "protects" them.....

john smithson

How about we move every worthwhile event out of every state where a majority supported President Obama. His irresponsible policies are creating havoc on this nation. We're so in debt due to his recklessness we may never climb out of it. Plus, Obamacare is likely to bankrupt our country anyway. What did you folks expect you were getting? He was a liberal Illinois community organizer, then a state Senator for one year, yet you elect him to run our country at one of our most crucial times in our history???


these people are being paid to do this stuff


It's Obamas fault ! These people never should have been let into the stadium ! Blame Obama ! 1070 is the best ! If you're not white, get the f#%k out of this country ! Blame Obama !
I'm being so sarcastic I could puke..


How immature! These people are so jealous and childish it is hard to believe! If you don't like our laws then pleeeeease go back to your fatherland cesspool!

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