A Chandler resident filed legal papers late Friday to recall Gov. Jan Brewer.

In a formal statement giving the reasons, Tommi Pryor said Brewer is guilty of "gross mismanagement'' of state finances. It claims that the cuts in health, welfare and education program "could have been avoided with bipartisan cooperation and willingness to consider alternate proposals.''

It also cites the decision by the Legislature, backed by Brewer, to eliminate coverage for certain transplants for individuals enrolled in the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, the state's Medicaid program. And Brewer now wants to scale back eligibility for the AHCCCS program to eliminate care for about 280,000 of the approximately 1.2 million enrolled.

Calls and messages left at various sites for Pryor were not immediately returned.

Backers need 432,021 valid signatures by May 28 to force an election, a figure based on 25 percent of the people who voted in the last gubernatorial election.

State Elections Director Amy Bjelland said politicians in statewide office generally are immune from recall within the first six months of their terms.

She said, though, that applies only from the time the person took office. While Brewer was inaugurated earlier this month for a full term, she actually became governor two years earlier after Janet Napolitano resigned.

It was not immediately clear whether Pryor is the prime mover behind the recall or simply running the campaign for someone else. She is listed as the founder of American Information Marketing, a limited liability company which helps political committees target their messages, raise money and identify prospective voters.

Brewer spokesman Matthew Benson said the governor has no comment.



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go4it60....What the heck are you talking about? Are you talking about race here? What does color/race have anything to do with medicaid eligibility? The fact that we have to BY LAW provide services for non-citizens is the point of my post. Any eligible AMERICAN citizen, black, brown, white or blue, should receive the services paid for by the american tax payers.

As I stated in my other post, the system is being scammed by illegals (with the blessing of our government) and that's where the funding should be cut....not for the american citizens. No, I'm not a bigot, just fed up with providing services for people that don't have the right to be in our country to start with. Maybe "illegal" has a different meaning for you?


Richka, if you were a case manager, you should know more than anybody how many needy white people are on AHCCCS, but since these are white trash folks, most big headed people like you would not claim them or give a rats behind about them. By the way what are you know ( not the bigot part of you).


Once again Brewski is not the governor...what's his name is? And once again..where to I sign this needed document to recall the psuedo-governor and her governor..pearce.


Once again....Governor Brewer is not the culprit in the medicaid issue. That is a federally funded mandate. She can only work with the funds that the Feds provide for our state.

The complaints need to be directed at the Feds. Maybe if the medicaid eligible citizens will scream loud enough, the Feds will evenutally stop using our tax dollars for services for illegals.


Brucel, IT was NOT Napolitano who got us in debt, it was the REpublican -led legislature. [sad]

Don't you remember the recent headline: "Brewer wants more constitutional power over state spending" The first few lines of the article said "Gov. Jan Brewer wants unilateral authority to reduce the spending authorized and mandated by the Legislature."
That is what Napolitano had to deal with.


To poster Az Lawyer, we had one worse,good ole Nappy thank god she left to go to Washington. However hopefully she will do a better job as the presidents stooge in homeland security, She sure didn't do much for our state.


I think I'll flie papers to recall Tommi Pryor , send his backside back to where ever it came from. Even if it takes effort to do so.... Let's see what hisi mother has to say about that?

And you wonder about a worse Govenor? How about Janet Napolitano? As a human, they don't get much dumber than her.

East Valley Dave

SethCold are you for real? "good and wise Governor"? I don't think we have long to wait until Brewer is caught doing something illegal or impeachable. Nearly all the recent Republican Govs have gone down - it's only a matter of time. I would sign that recall petition in a second.


@kenj12....You should get your facts straight before you comment on something you know absolutely nothing about.

The feds decide how much each state receives for Medicaid and related programs. Medicaid is very different from Medicare. Medicaid recipients qualify because of their income and resources, while Medicare is part of of Social Security and $96.50 is automatically deducted from the Social Security checks. Medicare recipients also pay co-payments to doctors, hospitals, tests, dental, eye care and prescriptions. Medicaid recipients pay absolutely NOTHING toward any of their health care.

As a former Medicaid case worker, I would like to explain the program in more detail. For instance... a pregnant non-citizen woman can apply for Medicaid with only her birth certificate in hand. As to where the father of the unborn child is, the answer is always the same. "He in Mexico". Now starts the long chain of events, all compliments of Medicaid paid for by the american tax payers. These women receive "Emergency Med" (I still haven't figured out why a pregnancy would be an emergency) until 60 days after their now "citizen" child is born. The child is automatically on Medicaid for a year. This comes with other benefits such as food stamps, cash welfare, WIC and housing assistance. Most of the women on my case load were pregnant again before the first child reached age one. And we keep on paying and paying. Medicaid also has to reimburse hospitals for the millions of illegals that go to our hospitals without paying for their care.

To blame the governor or any governor in other states for the lack of funding in Medicaid is just insane.

Dale Whiting

Wonder if Buzz Mills would run?


Take your choice . . .

∙ On behalf of the citizens of Pima County, Arizona, a Utah group called “Americans Against Immigration Amnesty” is leading the effort to recall Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik. Their goal is to gather 110,000 signatures (Pima County registered voters) in the coming weeks.

∙ A immigration activists organization called “Arizonans for Better Government” filed the paperwork with the Secretary of State's Office to recall Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce. In the interest of Latino Republicans in the state, the Somos Republicans group, have said that they have until May 27 to gather only 7,756 valid signatures to force a special election.

∙ A new group in Chandler, Arizona, called “Committee to Recall Arizona Governor Jan Brewer” filled paperwork with the Secretary of State's office late Friday to Recall Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Seeking to remove her from the chief executive's position because of her "gross mismanagement of Arizona's finances," they say they will need 432,021 valid signatures in the next 120 days. They are located at 4980 S. Alma School Rd., Ste. A2-#130 Chandler, AZ.


Where do I sign the petition?


[sad] awahhhh awahhhhh, Well we will see how far this gets, lol, love Brewer. She has more cahones than some women I know. Love her as a good and wise Governor. She has tough choices she has to make, and she is doing it. I bet there are a lot of Governors in the same boat.


We need a better governor, rather than work with politians all she wants to do is Veto, or even now adjust line items for what our law makers spend huge amounts of energy working out...like one person knows better than a group. Her avarice sleezy inept budget management skills have gotten this state into a huge mess, and rather than fix things she is costing us the taxpayer more money, eliminating benefits, and spending her time on things like education and more law enforcement (Both items that get huge funding and have other means of fixing themselves) which many feel public safety is out of control, before you know it this will be if not already a military state.

arizona bruce

The recall might be considered a serious one if the petitioner wasn't a dyed-in-the-wood liberal and Democrat. It stinks of pure politics.

Jan Brewer is exactly what we need at this point ... a woman who is strong and puts her state first rather than putting her party's agenda first. My suggestion would be to go forward with her and let her do her job without trying to be the typical leftist and hate-filled liberal.

The petitioner's answer to immigration? Let the illegals alone. The answer to inflation? Spend more to shore up the policies we already have in place and to increase the state's personal and corporate taxes to gain more revenue.

It is all flawed and purely political. I have another suggestion for those who do not want Brewer to be governor .... LEAVE ARIZONA BECAUSE WE DON'T WANT OR NEED YOU ANY MORE!


I find the many comments against Gov. Brewer quit ridiculous. Having only lived in AZ since 1977, I have seen a good governor resign from office because a future governor on orders from her boss, a lying, cheating president, go after him because he dared keep the federally run parks open using National Guard troops, I have seen a bad governor recalled form office and one of the worst governors ever sent to become Sec. of Homeland Security. (A witch that would not protect our state's border who now cannot and will not protect our nation's borders, who along with many bad members of the AZ State legislature, was set upon destroying our great state.)

Now that she is gone from AZ, the current governor catches bloody hell form Monday morning politicians, who truly are not worthy of representing people of AZ in the state legislature, make asinine comments about what they think should be done, yet have NEVER had the strength to run for office or get out and support those who have run or have been elected to office.

Instead of crying in your sandbox, get off your collective asses and begin to support those in office. Stop your bellyaching and get out and help make AZ a good state again. Stop lying about things you know nothing about and get educated about how to make things better, then do it, just do not spout off at the mouth like a spoiled child who does not get their way.

We are Arizonans by birth, by moving here and staying here, we are a bit different than any other sate in the Republic. We can make Arizona better, but only when we pull together and not against one another.

The so called president and his staff are out to destroy Arizona and we must show that we are the ones who can create the best state in the US. Pull together and we give can give the Nation a reason to want to be like us, not boycott us because we want to be independent and still remain the great state we are deep down.


The blame for trying to cut healthcare is squarely on Brewer, not illegal aliens. It is impossible to qualify for ACCCHS without first proving citizenship, including a US birth certificate.

So stop making scapegoats of Mexicans in the same way Hitler scapegoated the Jews. And let's get a governor with at least a sense of human decency.


Well lets get rid of her before she allows more pepole to die, well poor pepole anyway and the dont donate to her campain by the way why is this second place looser in our government?
P.S. dont worrie more law suites to come with this wick wack wana be leader to bad our states lawyers SUCK like OLD JAN's hubby wishes she did


Where do I sign..I'm serious..where do i sign??? I am all for recalling Governor Pearce and his sidekick...the pseudo-governor Brewer.


You seem to forget how the State got into debt, It was Janet Napolitano that put us there, why did't you recall her? O that's right she was one of your kind of people.


LinMesa hit the nail right on the head. Brewer wasn't even a serious contender until she put her signature on the abomination that is SB1070. Now, suddenly, she is the greatest thing since sliced bread... At least in the eyes of the twisted right-wing bigots who currently appear to dominate the vote in this state.
This recall effort will gain no traction. Nor should it, since Brewer was democratically elected. But it's nice to see that people are still willing to speak out against inept leadership.


She wasn't elected because people thought she would be a competent governor. She was elected because she signed her name to SB1070. Prior to that, she was at the bottom of the polls. Now that people have had a chance to see just how incompetent she is maybe they will sign the petition and get her out of office. I know I will.


why would a woman, who makes money by selling our email addresses and phone numbers to campaigns, start a recall?
interesting that their facebook doesn't say WHO is working on this recall, but some are Goddard supporters, and Organizing For America intern....


So LTHARPER, was there something in particular that Brewer has done to anger you so much? You wanted her to raise taxes instead of program cuts? Be specific I can use a good laugh


The governor's hands are tied as far as Medicaid goes. The reason for the lack of funding Medicaid and other programs is that we are REQUIRED BY LAW to provide these servives to people that are in our state/country illegally.

Mr. Pryor should be going after the Feds. They are the ones that have control over our tax dollars. The same problem exists in many states, yet I don't hear the voices of outrage against the government that allows such scam and leaves our own citizens behind in the dust.


I want to thank you for this Recall she should be recalled she has moved this State into a shameful situation with her horrible handling of this States business includine ACHSS, MEDCAID ETC. every since she became Gov. of our great State she has sent us backwards in time and made this State the laughing stock of all States she is an incompetent Govenor and she does not have the Brains nor the expertise to be Govenor of this State just look at what she has done to this State, i will be glad to join the Recall effort and will do anything that i can to help you suceed with this valiant effort to rid this state of the Cancercalled Jan Brewer


It is hard to imagine a governor worse than Jan Brewer. But she is what the voters of Arizona wanted, so now we have to suffer at her cold, incompetent hands for at least four more years.

Save America

Sounds fishy to me. Who is really behind this?


Next week, I've decided I'm going to file legal papers to recall the Easter bunny. lol You better watch out Santa Claus cause we're going after you next. lol

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