Chandler Fire Car Seats

Chandler Fire, Health & Medical engineer Chad Goswick installs a car seat on Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016.

Chandler Fire, Health and Medical recently received a grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, which will allow the department to provide additional resources concerning highway safety. Grant funds will also allow CFHM to provide its Child Safety Seat Clinics for Chandler residents.

Money from the grant will be allocated in two ways: $28,397.20 will fund personnel services and employee-related expenses, and $9,189 will allow the department to purchase child safety seats.

“CFHM is the only consistent provider of this service for Chandler residents,” said Val Gale, battalion chief for CFHM. “We host four child safety seat clinics each month from September through May, and two clinics a month during June, July and August.”

The Child Safety Seat Clinics program will continue throughout the year and provide 150 child safety seats for families.

Clinics are centered on CFHM personnel, who are certified as child passenger seat technicians through SafeKids International, ensuring each child is safeguarded in an appropriate safety seat.

In addition, each technician provides one-on-one instruction to residents on how to properly install a car seat.

“The number of Arizona children protected by a properly installed child passenger restraint system increased by 1,020 because of this program,” Gale said. “Based on national statistics, the risk of death resulting from a motor vehicle accident was reduced by between 60 to 71 percent for these 1,020 children. About 127 children received free car seats because their families could not afford to purchase one. The clinics were attended by 816 families.”

Chad Goswick, engineer, said the Child Safety Seat Clinics are a way to ensure Chandler families understand the importance of safety on the road.

“It would be hard to put a value on the importance of the child safety seat clinics,” he said. “Whether the citizen has an appointment or drives by to have their seat checked, they will receive education on how to properly install their seat and how the child should be properly secured. They will leave the clinic with their questions answered and knowing that their child or children are safe.”

Goswick said the highway safety grant is a way to continue to keep children in Chandler safe.

“I’m most excited about receiving the grant because we can continue an outstanding program that keeps our children safe and be a valuable resource to the citizens of Chandler,” he said.

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