Gov. Jan Brewer

Gov. Jan Brewer (Capitol Media Services file photo)

If Jan Brewer does not get her book done in time for a Nov. 1 planned rollout, it will be the president's fault.

The governor told Capitol Media Services Monday she essentially had completed her writing of "Scorpions For Breakfast: My Fight Against Special Interests, Liberal Media, and Cynical Politicos to Secure the Border.'' And then, "something came up.''

"I'm working away, trying to get this all done on the weekends and late at night, trying to get it done, and all of a sudden, here we go: He starts it all up again,'' Brewer said.

The "he'' is Barack Obama. And what he restarted, the governor said, is what she sees as another hit to border security, this time with the administration's plans to stop deporting some illegal immigrants, focusing its resources instead on those with criminal backgrounds.

"To open up and give back door amnesty has got everybody outraged,'' Brewer said. "It certainly has me concerned.''

More to the point about her book, the governor said she cannot talk about her ongoing fight with Washington without mentioning -- and criticizing -- the latest move.

Brewer is working against a deadline.

"I have to have it done by Nov. 1,'' she said.

Actually, her deadline is quite a bit before then: That's the day the book is supposed to ship.

"It's the printing and all of that jazzy stuff,'' Brewer said.

Brewer said she knows there are some 11 million illegal immigrants in this country, including 400,000 or more in Arizona alone. And the governor said she does not have an answer for exactly how to deal with that.

But she said history proves this is not the answer.

"We tried with Ronald Reagan,'' she said, referring to 1986 legislation to provide legal status to those who met certain conditions. About 2.9 million people got the permanent right to remain.

"We gave the amnesty and nothing happened with our border,'' Brewer said. "I believe -- and I think 70 percent of the American people would agree -- that until we get our border secured, we don't want anything else.''

Obama's plan does not provide amnesty, with those not deported still without legal right to be in this country. But Brewer said it's functionally the same thing.

Brewer said she doesn't know off the top of her head how much she's supposed to make from the book deal.

"I know I'm getting a percentage,'' she said. "It certainly isn't as big as one would think as what it would be when the book sells for what it sells.''

Brewer's theme is right up the alley for publisher Broadside Books, an arm of HarperCollins, which specializes in what it calls works ``covering the full range of serious right-of-center thought an opinion.'' Other Broadside titles include ``Why ObamaCare is Wrong for America,'' and ``Revolt: How to Defeat Obama and Repeal His Socialist Programs.''

Officially, Brewer's book has a $26.99 cover price. But already is pre-selling it for $17.45. And if you don't need ink on paper, the Kindle edition can be had for $12.99.

Of course, that can't be autographed. And Brewer said there already are plans under way for a book tour this fall.

The governor said she's learned there are expenses that cut into her take.

"I have to pay for the people that are helping me,'' she said. That includes co-writer Jessica Gavora, author of her own book criticizing federal laws against gender discrimination in funding high school sports.

"We're working collectively together, we're talking back and forth,'' Brewer said of their working relationship.

"She hears me and I hear her, and we write it, and I write and she give me a copy of what we've all come up with,'' the governor explained. "And then I rewrite it and re-edit it and then have got to check all the facts and make sure that everything is correct -- and colorful -- and that I don't slam anybody too hard.''

All that, said Brewer, leaves her ultimate payoff to be determined.

"I guess it will be determined at a point in time if we're making any money,'' she said.

While the book isn't out yet -- or for that matter, even finished -- the governor already is looking ahead to her next outing as an author.

"I hope that this is not the only book,'' she said.

"I hope that there's a follow-up for those that didn't make it into the first one,'' Brewer continued, referring to the politicians, journalists and others who she believes need to be singled out for criticism. "We've got another one on its way.''

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So she blames Obama for the delay, and perhaps rightfully so.

But what about all the time she's wasted thus far trying to get the VOTER APPROVED medical marijuana laws blocked?

I suppose that came from her "authorized free time"? LOL


Can I blame Obama for me being late to work? When I don't hit optimum performance at work, can I blame Obama? Maybe I can get a job at Brewer's office and if any of the above happens I can blame Obama.


Mexicans knocking down the fence to escape Arizona? Gave me a tingle in my leg just reading it. Of course you did mean illegal aliens didn't you? Or Mexican nationals? Hard to blame poor people for coming here from anyplace as bad as Mexico in search of a better life, but when our country is in such disarray? No, it's not the Mexicans fault, it's the community organizer's fault and the fault of all our elected officials that we have allowed to kick this can down the road for way too long, and now it's coming to a head.

"Forest Fire in Flagstaff? Dam break in Page, Earth Quake in Phoenix, riot in Tent City and the Mexicans knock down the fence to escape from Arizona. What the heck would she do then?" Same thing people in power always do, delegate authority and allow those charged with the job to perform their duty, or perhaps ask the community organizer for federal help if it's bad enough.


What! Not the Mexicans!!!
So sad that the genius that runs our state can’t do 2 things at once!
Could you imagine if we had a Forest Fire in Flagstaff? Dam break in Page, Earth Quake in Phoenix, riot in Tent City and the Mexicans knock down the fence to escape from Arizona. What the heck would she do then?


"We gave the amnesty and nothing happened with our border,'' Brewer said. "I believe -- and I think 70 percent of the American people would agree -- that until we get our border secured, we don't want anything else.''

Quite true. We need a SECURE BORDER, and NO AMNESTY! Once the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL ALIENS have been sent packing, perhaps more LEGAL IMMIGRANTS will be allowed. I would have no problem with that....


Ohhhhhhh, I had no idea governors were so busy they worked 16 hours a day signing bills and stuff. Thank you ParentX for clarifying this for me. Do ya think they even get weekends off? Man, it must be tough working all those hours sitting at a desk signing bill after bill, and wearing the thinking cap trying to think of ways to work harder at sitting at a desk. Do you have any idea what politicians do most of the time at their office? Practically nothing. Vanity projects? Like putting makeup on and having her hair done? Writing an important book is vanity? Grandstanding? Are you people so lacking of REAL complaints that you have to attack her for writing a book in HER spare time? None of you detractors have anything of substance just insults and derogatory suggestions. Get a life and maybe you too can have something to write about.


How the heck does Governor Brewer have so much free time right now that she can be writing a book?!?

I'm all for elected leaders taking vacation time and trying to keep sane hours (say, 60-70 hours a week), but I do NOT appreciate our Governor working on vanity projects on the side while our state is experiencing so many monumental issues.

If you are fortunate enough to be elected to the office of the Governor, you better be keeping your eye on the ball. Ghost writer or not, this book is simply one more bit of grandstanding that detracts from the greater needs of our state.


Hotcopone, How would you know what she will do with the money generated by the book? Perhaps she will donate some to the building of the fence. SB1070 is still pretty well funded with private donations though. Eating sour grapes sure is fun huh?


Did you read the article LinMesa? If you had actually read the article you would know she hired a ghost writer to help he write the book cause she stated so quite plainly. No, I didn't think so. Your not that smart.


If she had used all the time she has wasted blaming President Obama for everything that happens she could have finished the book a long time ago. And are we really to believe she is the one actually writing it??? I don't think so. She isn't that smart.


I've been following the border developments regarding Mrs. Brewer, Sheriff Babeu and Obama closely since SB 1070 was introduced last year.

It's atrocious what Obama is doing to us. I sympathize with Brewer and Babeu. I do think, however, Obama is on the way out and I genuinely hope 2013 and beyond will return us to a government of the people by the people and for the people.

Mrs. Brewer has my best wishes. [thumbup]


If you've got the answers, you didn't understand the questions. No better illustrations.


I don't understand why she isn't donating all the profits from the book towards either the SB1070 fund or the new Border Security fence that we are going to build with private funds.

I always hear her asking for help.. Now it's her turn in my opinion... She's looking for a money grab.. for her self.


Wait a minute. I thought everything was Bush's fault. Good for you Jan I hope it isn't your last book too.

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