Steve Zacher
Glockmeister operations manager Steve Zacher holds a Glock 19 at the store in Mesa. After the tragic events in Tucson there has been an increase in gun sales.

As soon as firearms dealer Greg Wolff heard news of the mass shooting in Tucson, he knew what was about to unfold: Gun sales would skyrocket.

Sales of high-capacity magazines rose 500 percent at Wolff's two Valley stores and on a website that he says makes him one of the nation's largest Glock distributors.

"The high-capacity magazine, the ones like the guy had in Tucson, we sold out of those within about 24 hours on our website," Wolff said.

The next shipment sold out quickly and another order was due in, but Wolff figured his Glockmeister shops and online store will continue to be overwhelmed.

"It's been ridiculous," he said. "We can't keep up."

He said there's high interest in 33-round clips and the Glock 19, which Wolff said is the best-selling Glock and is a good choice for a first-time firearms owner. That handgun and clip were used in the assassination attempt against U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords that left six dead and 13 injured.

FBI statistics indicate a surge in Arizona gun sales, with the agency reporting 263 background check requests for gun purchases in the state, up from 164 for the same day a year ago. An FBI spokesman on Friday said the agency was too overwhelmed with media requests to provide updated numbers for the week.

The FBI numbers don't tell the whole story, Wolff said, because the backgrounds of customers aren't checked once they have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. About half of Wolff's customers this week hold that permit and wouldn't show up in the FBI statistics, he said.

"Whatever numbers you see from the FBI is not indicative of sales," he said.

Gun sales often soar after shooting sprees, which lead to calls for new weapons restrictions - and a rise in public fears that firearms will be harder to buy.

Sales also tend to rise when elections usher in politicians who call for gun control, like Barack Obama's 2008 presidential victory.

"We saw a big increase after the 2008 election lasting about six or seven months," said Scott Wesch, owner of the Mesa Gun Shop.

Wesch has been in the firearms business for 30 years and said he figured sales could rise after the Tucson shooting, though they didn't at his store.

Wolff said clip sales were especially strong, as nearly every online order included at least one magazine. Usually, only about one-third of purchases involve a clip.

"You have people with an irrational fear that something is going to be banned," Wolff said.

He doesn't see a need to stock up on weapons, saying political support for gun rights is strong enough to prevent any proposed restrictions from becoming law.

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Remember, When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. What a shame some law-abiding citizen wasn't there to protect that 9-year old, and the others. Question: If cellphones were illegal, what would the liberals use to defend themselves? GUNS SAVE LIVES!!!


Then said Jesus to him, Put up again your sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.

I understood Mathew 26:52 to mean put up again sword in its place; mine in my holster. For all who will take the sword; some pulling a gun on me. Shall perish with the sword; my gun you will be killed by?


Slabside, I will remain unarmed and I am not a victim. TOOBAD2 - it is TOO BAD for you but there are many of us liberal already here with more to come, as the population becomes less white.




Bamofo666, not that hard if your not trying to analyze it... Bad A_ s Mother F_ _K_R 666 (mark of the beast)

they didn't have guns in the bible... at least not in the last re-write, but maybe in the next movie.

agreed.... ramble...ramble...ramble

I noticed most of that also, but as always, I'm late again. I'm no expert, but when I was standing in the gunner's hatch of my Self-propelled Howitzer, eating the rear end of a .50 Cal every time we hit a large bump, I remember a belt of .50 cal rounds layered in an ammo can. However, there are several versions of a .50 cal sniper rifle that uses magazines, but they are not "machine guns" as Dale mentioned. Let's also not forget the .50 cal Desert Eagle (my next purchase).

Dale again:
"why a 33 round magazine is rationally needed and why regulating it would impair your Second Amendment rights one iota

First of all because I want it.
Second, when you run out of rounds, I can walk up on you while you are reloading and put one in your right eye socket (cause I'll still have rounds).
Third, the other guy might have a 30/33 round mag. It'd probably be a good idea to have one too.
Fourth, I may not be a good shot.
Fifth, cause sawed off shotguns are illegal.
Sixth, If I wanted to scare someone off my property, instead of killing them, 30/33 fast rounds at their feet is much more intimidating than say 10 rounds. (or maybe even 20 rounds with 10 reserved, in case they shoot back)
Seventh, 30/33 rounds is more than 10.
Eighth, my stick would be bigger than your stick.
Ninth, cause there are people out there that want to ban them, therefore, I want them.
Tenth, the burglar may be very good at dodge ball.

As far as the 2nd amendment... well, I'm not currently practicing law, but if you ban 30 round magazines, you might as well ban everything but slingshots, and then ban the rocks that go in them.


That's ok ChandlerAZGuy you can be an unarmed victim all you want... it's your choice.


Geez what a state we live in.........crazy gun nuts all over.....I will never own a gun period.


Emp, you know what Dale mean't and I know what Dale mean't but the sad fact is that Dale didn't know what Dale mean't! BTW, it was Cazador that called him on it.


Slab i'm sure Dale meant a Automatic Kalashnikov Rifle, 1947 Model


33 round clip or a full auto m60 or a 50 cal sniper rifle (longest sniper shot record and it was American, Canadian). It is because we are free to make our own choices.


"...high interest in 33-round clips and the Glock 19, which ... is a good choice for a first-time firearms owner..."

Yep. Guns for everyone. Par-ty!


Give it up Dale, I think you mean 45 not 47, the 50 cal machine guns are belt fed, the statistic that you claim as fact (gun owners shoot themselves) was published but has been invalidated since its initial publication.


Oh Dale for crying out loud... the .50 cal "Ma Duece" uses a belt not a magazine. The old rliable M1 used an 8 round ejecting clip. The 5.56 IS a long range round... my Marine son qualifies from 200 to 500 yards with his M4. I DO own an AR15 Bushmaster for self defense as need be. No, I do not own a Glock 19 nor a 33 round pistol mag. My 9mm Steyr holds 15... plenty of ammo. The AK uses a 7.62... not a 7.63. My firearms are for sport. You obviously don't know beans about firearms and your posts show it. You complain that no one addresses your point... my God man, your posts ramble like a drunk's. No one can find your poit to address it.

Dale Whiting

Ok, my gun carrying militia men firends. Give us your thoughts on whether a 47 year old man with obvious anger issues should be exercising his Second Amendment right to duel? Suffering life threatening injuries? Obviously Sheriff Joe's man got to the scene in time. Would any of you like to have been there with your pistola and beat Felipi to the draw? From the sound of things, Felipi was shooting off his 47 to make some idiotic point, that is until the Deputy showed up. Apparently Felipi was the only one shot!

Dale Whiting

P.P.S. Gang,

I just saw that AP article on the man shot carrying his AK 47. Isn't that the Koloshnikov? My bro on Mo has an AK47. Now let's all go read about that AK 47. Should be interesting.

Dale Whiting


I am familiar with the terminology. I have changed "magazines" on .50 cal machine guns, and know the loading systems on today's Gatlin guns which are capable of firing so many round per second that the barrels all but melt down with friction. But "clip" is much faster to type.

Trainging and tools? I would add one more qualification. Authority to act in the name of the law. You cannot issue lawful orders to lay fire arms down, nor identify yourself as a duely constituted authority. The young man who was there with his pistol almost messed things up royally.

Protect and defend our families and communities from what? Armed boogy men? I struggled to protect us from the likes of Ted Kuzinski, the uni-bomber, but I do not demand to arm myself with counter-improvised device explosives. Statistics demonstrate that the greatest threat a gun owner has is being shot with his own weapon in some sort of accident or familial incident.

The life taken by your fire arm is more likely to be your own.

P.S. Interesting handle. Care to explain it? I associate "666" with the sign of the beast in Revelations. What is "Bamofo?"


Definitions are always problematic. The one I know about says that an assault weapon is one designed to be used by troops when on the offensive assaulting a prepared defensive position. The M16 or AR 15 would be an example. Unlike the 7.63 mm round, the 5.56 mm round is designed to make it possible to lay down intensive fire in an assault phase. It is not long range. It is a louse weapon to hunt anything but humans. As I recall, its standard "clip" is 20 rounds where the old reliable M1 was 6. Do any of you want an M16/AR15? If so, what the heck for? My brother in Missouri came back from Nam with a Koloshnicov [sorry about the spelling]. Then hee served in the MO Guard for 20 years. He has yet to fire it once.

And while we are on the subject, if you do have a Glock 19, what purpose does that 33 round "magazine" serve? I suggest that in a parking lot battle, it is much better to call in reinforcements than take on a nut single handedly! I would rather take on a Kuzinski letter bomb than a Jared with a Glock 16 and 33 round clips in a parking lot! Both are nuts. But only one has to be dealt with face to face!


I feel your pain. Being a well organized militiaman gets expensive. Joining the National Guard is much cheeper. And when you go out on maneuvers, you get paid.

Semper Fi!

P.S. Not a one of you addressed my point. Instead, you talked all around it. But no one explained why a 33 round magazine is rationally needed and why regulating it would impair your Second Amendment rights one iota.


Then said Jesus to him, Put up again your sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.
Mathew 26:52


gun sale sore! I already have all I need, just the hope ammo at walmart doesn't go in price.


""You have people with an irrational fear that something is going to be banned," Wolff said." Obviously Wolff doesn't remember the ...
The Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) (or Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act) was a subtitle of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, a federal law in the United States that included a prohibition on the manufacture for civilian use of certain semi-automatic firearms, so called "assault weapons." There was no legal definition of "assault weapons" in the U.S. prior to the law's enactment. The 10-year ban was passed by Congress on Sept. 13, 1994, and was signed into law by President Bill Clinton the same day. The ban only applied to weapons manufactured after the date of the ban's enactment. This also banned any MAGAZINE that held more than 10 rounds.


First, it is not a clip, it is a magazine. If you're going to write about something you should learn the basics about the subject first.

Second, this tragedy could have been minimized had someone with training and tools been there to stop this guy.

We have for too long shrugged off OUR responsibility to protect and defend our families and communities. You can see by the number of victims that expecting the police to be where they are needed when they are needed is stupidity exemplified. It is not a matter of being a vigilante, it is about being vigilant and prepared. I hope to never be in this position, but if I do sometime find myself in a situation like the one in Tucson, by virtue of my training and capabilities with the firearm I ALWAYS carry, there will be people at home with their families that night rather than in rubber body bags.

Get armed and get trained. The life you may save might be mine or someone I love.

As for the anti gun nuts who are using this horrible event to further their idiotic cause, taking guns from honest citizens to stop crime is like taking cars from sober people to stop drunk driving. It is an idea flawed from it's very conception and completely absent of logic.

My deepest sympathies to the families of the victims. My heart is broken for your loss.


Dale Whiting

Ok, Slabside, Accuracy, Poorman, Smitty, etc.

Here is proof positive of my point on fire arms control, not the points you who read cursorily think I am making, but those I did made. From the very mouth of a gun store owner we hear:"You have people with an irrational fear that something is going to be banned," Wolff [the gun store owner here in the vally] said. Some of you share this irrational fear. Wolff doesn't see a need to stock up on weapons, saying political support for gun rights is strong enough to prevent any proposed restrictions from becoming law. I would add that where we have a Second Amendment right to bear arms to make us elligible to join those milicia which have not been called up since 1814 [The groups called up in 1961 were constripted and armed by the various states], where we have a strong NRA gun lobby backed up by Smith and Wesson, and one of the world's largest fire arms manufacturing industrial bases [dating back to the Civil War and a bit before], we can inact reasconable controls against this irrational demand for 33 round magazind clips. The perceived need is "irrational!"

Slippery slope? Heck no.

Gun owners tend to harbor irrational fears, especially those who do not know the score. [Not that any of you don't know the score, but who knows.] In addition to that irrational fear that guns will be banned, preceiving some irrational need for 33 round magazines, they create this irrational demand. Remember FDR! "We have nothing to fear but frear itself!"

Now, if you disagree with this argument, take it up with Mr. Wolff. It's his own pocket he is opining against.

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