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Christine Roe has been an avid dog lover for sometime now. Although she loves her golden retriever, Bailey, Roe always found herself in a dilemma trying to find the perfect groomer, veterinarian, pet sitter and other amenities to fit Bailey’s needs.

That is why for the past three months Roe has been hard at work creating her new dog directory website, which she calls Bailey’s Doggy Directory.

“I started this website because as a dog owner, I have found it really difficult to find local dog services and then even harder to find reviews,” Roe said. “I wanted to create a website where dog owners could discover all of the wonderful local dog services in their own community and then help out their neighbors by rating and reviewing these businesses.”

Users who visit Bailey’s Doggy Directory are given 16 categories to choose from which include: groomers, mobile groomers, vets, specialty vets, mobile vets, 24-hour emergency vets, trainers, agility trainers, boutiques, dog bakeries, dog parks, pet sitters, daycare, pet resorts, poop scoopers and pet photographers.

Roe said she wanted to focus on smaller businesses that provide dog services because she knows how difficult it is for them to appear first on online-search pages.

“They are competing against bigger companies with marketing teams dedicated to search engine optimization,” Roe said.

One of the biggest challenges Roe faced was trying to compile all the business for the directory, she said.

“I want the directory to be thorough and comprehensive,” Roe said. “Otherwise, it wouldn’t be as useful to other people. I thought of it purely from a dog owner’s perspective and what I would want out of it.”

Creating Bailey’s Doggy Directory was completely different from Roe’s former profession. She spent the past 20 years in the corporate world specializing in marketing.

Roe said there was a point in her life that she knew she was destined to do something outside of the corporate world she was accustomed to, and wanted to pursue something that would assist dogs and their owners.

Currently, she is focusing her efforts on small businesses that provide dog services throughout Phoenix and the East Valley, and plans expand to the West Valley in the near future.

“It was important to me for the site to be free for both consumers and dog businesses, and for it to be easy to navigate,” Roe said. “We also want our readers to have some fun so we created Bailey’s Blog, where we’ll feature some of the local business owners listed in our directory and we’ll talk about Bailey’s adventures, discuss some dog tips, and more.”

Roe plans to visit the local businesses that are on her website in efforts to partner up with them for future business ventures.

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