It's now official: Arizona is the Grand Canyon State.

Gov. Jan Brewer signed the measure into law Monday, the state's 99th birthday.

That ended several years of efforts after Marshall Trimble, the state historian, discovered the slogan, which has been around for years and decorates some state licenses plates, was never officially adopted. Prior efforts have fallen short.

With Brewer's action, the nickname joins with the ridgenose rattlesnake as state's official reptile, the cactus wren as state bird, turquoise as the state gemstone and the bola tie as the official state neckwear.

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Just a thought wonder how many Arizonians have been to the canyon and hiked to the lower gorge. I have and in the future I plan on a hike on the north rim.


Snipes... the official state idiot.


...Meth, the official state narcotic....
...Glock 9 the official state gun...


My guess is that this act will negate all previous negative publicity the governor has created.

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