The Higley football team will forfeit wins from the first two weeks of its season after determining one of its players was ineligible, district athletic director Michael Fowler said.

The player in question transferred to Higley last September but never changed domiciles. Since the player participated in football last season and didn’t move, he was ineligible to play the rest of 2012 and also cannot play in 2013, according to the Arizona Interscholastic Association bylaw

If the player moved into the Higley boundaries, he would have been eligible. The Higley coaches and administration initially believed this to be the case, but investigation earlier this week showed the player never moved from his original address.

The school was alerted to the possible violation at an annual athletic directors conference in Prescott earlier this week.

“The coaches followed the right protocol,” Fowler said. “We’re not placing blame.”

The Knights won their first two games over Yuma and Desert View but will officially be 0-2 once the forfeits are accepted by the AIA. The team's next game will be on Friday against Phoenix Christian. Fowler said the school is in the process of reporting the violation.

The players were told this morning of the violation. The forfeits will result in a power points drop for the Knights, but the season is still young enough for them to make a run at a playoff berth.

“It’s not what we wanted, obviously,” Fowler said. “It does make it a challenge, but it does give them a chance to rise above the situation.”

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It's nice when cheaters are caught and held accountable.

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