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E.V.controls mats in 5A-I

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Posted: Sunday, February 11, 2007 7:02 am | Updated: 6:14 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

Fresh faces in previously unfamiliar places was a common sight at Jobing.com Arena on Saturday, as six high school wrestling classes concluded the season.

In the case of 5A-I and 5A-II, individual matches werethe only thing left to be settled, and from the first match (freshman Ryan Miller) to the last (Trevor Stapp), Tempe Corona del Sol was a bookend of state championships, while the Mesa schools took most of the honors in between.

All told, 12 of 14weight classes went to East Valley wrestlers in 5A-I. Mesa Red Mountain and Mesa each had three individual champions. Corona and Mesa Mountain Vieweach had two.

TonyCovert (112 pounds) and Jadon Johnson (130) won for Mountain View; Greg Carbajal (125), Chris Galvan (145) and Jake Kauffman (152) gave Red Mountain a trifecta.

Stapp, a junior, was named the tournament’s outstanding wrestler. After finishing runner-up in 2006, he won the heavyweight division despite being 50-60 pounds lighter than most of his competitors. The Aztecs had all six of their wrestlersfinish in the top six, including Miller’s win at103.

“I couldn’t be happier,” Corona coach Dave Vibber said. “That’s a pretty fun day.”

Mesa got victories from Alex Pacheco at140 pounds and Zach Wadsworth at171. Teammate Andy Jay finished off an undefeated season at 189.

Wadsworth went from spending most of last year on JV, to wrestling on TV for the championship. He pinned Phoenix Maryvale’s Sonny Esquivel with 1:39 left in the match.

Wadsworth lost to Esquivel early this season.

“I had one shot, and I took advantageof it,”Wadsworth said.

So, too, did Jay, who capped off a 40-0 season with a 3-1 victory against Corona’s Luke Macchiaroli. It was the second time the two wrestled to a near-standstill.

“I trained mybutt off for six years and it paid off in six minutes,” Jay said.

As for longshots making good, Chris Long was considered one for Mesa Dobson at 215 pounds. He was pinned by Maryvale’s Michael Najeraatthe Peoria Tournament in December, but won bydecision against Najeraon Saturday.

He knocked off the No. 1, 2, and 4 ranked wrestlers at 215 pounds to win the title. Dobson’s Cody Lewis took second place at135 pounds.


Jimmy Klingensmith was an All-State punter and one of the East Valley’s better defensive linemen atTempe Marcos de Niza. Thanks to a long playoff run, he didn’t need to lose much weight between football and wrestling season.

In addition to being an all-state football player, he’s also a state wrestling champion at5A-II with a decision over Mesa Desert Ridge junior Brad Prescher at 189 pounds.

Still, the best he can do is attempt to walk-on for football atASU.

“Nothing,”he said of colleges who expressed interest in him. “I don’t know why.”

Teammate John Rittenhouse fell to Tucson Sunnyside’s Raymond Pina in the 152-pound championship.

Scottsdale Desert Mountain’s Shane McGough took second place behind Kofa’s Ivan Felix at112 pounds.


103: Ryan Renkey (YC) dec. T.J. Johnson (SJ), 5-4; Landavaso (CV) maj. dec. Segovia (SM), 12-4; Long (SC) pinned Martell (BEN), 0:51.

112: Avelino Estrada (HAY) dec. Michael Bux (CV), 9-5; Mendoza (YC) dec. Biederbeck (VC), 6-1; Saldana (SP) dec. Gray (RM), 7-4.

119: Jared Porter (MOG) dec. Colton Williams (CV), 5-1; Maldonado (MOR) dec. Growler (RM), 2-0; Romiti (SM) pinned Masterson (MAR), 2:01.

125: Tony Viecelli (MOR) dec. Arnold Coronado (BC), 11-8; Lowe (SP) dec. N. Porter (MOG), 7-1; Jim (RM) pinned Reynolds (PC), 2:23.

130: Brett Justus (CV) dec. Jeremiah Walpert (WIL), 5-0; Shull (BEN) dec. Crandell (MOG), 5-2; Skousen (ANT) won by default.

135: Josh Wolfe (CV) dec. Phil Bullington (BEN), 5-1; Billy (V SAN) won by default over Gunsauley; Coury (ANT) dec. Holland (CS), 1-0.

140: Joe Clark (SM) dec. Cory Graf (BEN), 4-3; Elmer (JC) dec. Lester (BC), 4-0; Cummins (PC) dec. Cruz (HAY), 7-5.

145: Joseph Wolfe (CV) pinned Armand Morales (MOR), 3:30; Herrick (SJ) dec. Taylor (BIS), 5-1; Torres (BC) dec. Sandigo (YC), 8-4.

152: Blake Solomon (JC) pinned Jared Wolfe (CV), 3:58; Bernal (BEN) dec. Householder (THA), 5-3; Voss (MOR) dec. De Santiago (PC).

160: Heath Allred (THA) dec. David Viramontez (SM), 5-3; Horse (RM) won by default over Ruiz (CV); Elmer (JC) maj. dec. Torres (BC), 12-0.

171: Damien Baca (CV) pinned Luke Peach (VC), 1:17; Bride (SJ) dec. Quezada (WIL), 3-2; Mata (THA) pinned Bray (JC), 4:53

189: Rocky Gingg (PC) dec. Preston Brogdon (CV), 12-9; Boardman (BEN) dec. Behle (VU), 10-4; Doucette (MOG) pinned Spurlock (JC), 1:19.

215: Victor Contreras (BIS) maj. dec. Etien Orozco (ANT), 9-0; Terry (PC) pinned Brown (CV), 4:17; Madrid (MOR) pinned Tahy (MF), 2:34.

275: Beau Tudor (CV) dec. Pat Walsh (BC), 10-4; Antone (BAB) pinned Curley (MOR), 2:38; Begay (MF) pinned Rockhill (WIL), 0:36.


103: Enrique Vigil (WIN) dec. Ryan Finch (SAF), 6-4; Nez (TUBA) dec. Massey (CV), 7-2; Streit (SAH) maj. dec. Danner (FH), 11-1.

112: Ricky Ryan (SHO) pinned Matt Rindal (FH), 2:48; Gamboa (SNO) pinned Ornelas (SAF), 4:00; Aguilero (HOL) won by forfeit over Beecroft (WIN).

119: Aaron Garcia (COOL) maj. dec. Ramon Casillas (SAH), 11-2; Vidales (SAF) dec. Montano (WIN), 7-3; Sandoval (PAY) dec. Udall (RV), 3-0.

125: Eric Garcia (COOL) dec. Jarod Flores (PAR), 10-4; Yellowhair (CHIN) dec. Ellsworth (SHO), 4-0; Serna (HOL) dec. Gonzalez (SAH), 2-0.

130: Marcos Serna (HOL) dec. Nathaniel Abril (SAF), 7-6; Martinez (BR) dec. Ramsey (WIN), 8-5; Ortega (SAH) tech. fall Dunton (FLOR) 18-2.

135: R.J. Rios (SAF) dec. Billy Rova (BR), 8-3; Kasumovic (FH) dec. Holladay (SHO), 5-3; Taylor (RV) pinned Etsitty (CHIN), 4:00.

140: Nick Piedmont (SAH) dec. Rudie Charlie (GREY), 2-1; Carpenter (PARK) dec. Parkinson (BR), 3-0; Cluff (PAY) dec. Sells (MV), 12-6.

145: Porter Wilbanks (PAY) tech. fall Carlos Barela (HOL) 18-3; Dezonia (SAH) maj. dec. Tsosie (GAN), 13-1; Sullivan (SET) dec. Henager (SAF), 2-0.

152: Tyrell Andrews (SAF) dec. John Gonzales (WIN), 3-1; McCarty (PAY) pinned Dalcerro (CV), 1:46; Shirley (TUBA) dec. Reidhead (SHO), 4-3.

160: Justin Gaethje (SAF) pinned Jeff Cappellini (FH), 3:10; Perkins (HOL) dec. Goodman (PAY), 15-9; Buck (RV) maj. dec. Keah-Tigh (WR), 12-3.

171: Andrew Ashford (COOL) dec. A.J. Bales (SHO), 5-4; Rodgers (PAY) dec. Nichols (SNO), 11-9; Martinez (WIN) dec. Jurado (SAF), 4-2.

189: Mike Guerrero (SC) pinned Manny Jurado (SAF), 4:38; Armstrong (BR) dec. Larson (WIN), 9-7; Teller (TUBA) dec. Yazzie (HOL), 3-1.

215: Derrick Gonzales (COOL) dec. Justin Powell (WIN), 4-3; Snyder (SAH) dec. Burke (PAY), 3-1; Castaneda (BR) dec. Leon (SAF), 7-4.

285: Justin Felix (SAF) pinned Dwight Boyd (BR), 1:14; Rios (SAH) dec. Young (WIN), 5-2; Chavez (PAY) pinned Benally (WR), 2:50.


103: Travis Azevedo (THUN) dec. Luke McClure (IRON), 3-2; Islas (PUEB) dec. Kelly (MOON), 7-5; Camisso (CIEN) pinned Inzunza (NOG), 1:55.

112: Anthony Wagner (IND) dec. Yobel Muchang (SAG), 7-1; Peters (IRON) dec. Hosler (PRES), 7-0; Lopez (PUEBO) dec. Velasquez (MARANA), 4-3.

119: David Islas (PUEB) tech. fall Brandon Horton (LAKE), 16-0; Glowacki (CIEN) pinned Filbert (IRON), 2:12; Mailloux (SAG) dec. Pareja (PRES), 7-1.

125: Adam Miles (CIEN) maj. dec. Daniel Felix (IND), 15-4; Monroy (MILL) dec. Dasistar (MOON), 4-0; Dominguez (PUEB) dec. Kent (MARANA), 8-3.

130: Zach Mainez (THUN) dec. Jeremy Mazon (PRES), 3-2; Bradley (McC) maj. dec. Mitchell (AGUA), 13-4; Stratton (SAH) dec. Bourget (MARANA), 8-6.

135: Ricky Abril (THUN) pinned Mike Jablonski (CIEN), 5:51; Muchang (SAG) dec. Arismendez (COP), 8-4; Cutright (PUEB) dec. Lichlyter (MOON), 6-4.

140: David Lephart (THUN) pinned Jaron Marigliano (COP), 1:05; Donaldson (PRES) pinned Ford (CIEN), 3:31; Brubaker (NOG) pinned Taylor (MILL), 3:56.

145: James Eastin (MOON) dec. Darius Graham (THUN), 7-4; Hand (AMPHI) won by default Preciado (PUEB); Iribe (COP) dec. Gartner (GREEN), 10-3.

152: Adam Torres (THUN) dec. Billy Morris (CATA), 7-5; Carey (SAG) dec. Keleher (PIN), 10-4; Lee (APOLLO) dec. Workman (MOON), 8-2.

160: Orson Lor (AMPHI) dec. Travis Malbouf (RINC), 4-3; Plaisted (CdO) dec. Walton (LAKE), 6-1; Hatch (CACTUS) dec. Moya (MOON), 11-7.

171: Robert Lopez (PUEB) dec. Rashad Davis (COP), 6-3; Morales (CATA) maj. dec. Jarvis (PRES), 9-1; Roberts (SABINO) won by forfeit Marufo (SAH).

189: Diego Bencomo (IND) maj. dec. Sean Land (PIN), 10-2; Vargas (AMPHI) dec. Moreno (MARANA), 3-2. Allentado (CATA) dec. Busto (GREEN), 7-6.

215: Mack Surrell (THUN) dec. Eric Reichert (IRON), 3-2; Jones (INDE) pinned Thurman (APOLLO), 0:50; Woods (PIN) maj. dec. Reyes (SAH), 13-5.

285: Jose Sanchez (IND) pinned Brandon Draper (MOON), 1:52; Brutinel (PRES) dec. Sabarzo (NOG), 5-3; Wojasznarowicz (CIEN) pinned Hernadez (McC), 4:33.


103: Fabian Parra (SUNNY) dec. Chantry Fowler (PAGE), 10-7; Estaban (RIO) pinned Daly (MOH), 0:45; Opfar (QC) dec. Addis (MING), 4-1.

112: Luke Goettel (MING) pinned Daarinn Perez (BUCK), 2:36; Comacho (WASH) dec. Sandoval (VIEW), 6-3; Kelly (PAGE) maj. dec. Deckoch (SUNNY) 10-0.

119: Josh Chang (MING) dec. Theron Apodaca (EDGE), 8-1; Huff (CORO) dec. Bowers (HIG), 5-4; Sotelo (CHOLLA) won by default McMinn (AJ).

125: Cameron Alvarado (FLAG) dec. Armando Casillas (TEMPE), 7-4; Wilber (MING) pinned Skidmore (HIG), 4:55; Schweisow (BUCK) dec. Freed (AJ), 4-3.

130: Westin Lymangrover (MING) dec. Sean Gracia (PAGE), 6-2; Comacho (WASH) dec. Wirth (AJ), 9-7; Schmelling (SUNNY) dec. Medina (MOH), 9-5.

135: Tyler Chang (MING) pinned Dan Parada (CORO), 4:51; Hutchenson (AJ) dec. Espinoza (TEMPE), 3-1; Dyer (COCO) dec. Ganley (BUCK), 9-3.

140: Travis Wokasch (MING) won by default Roby Owsley (SUNNY); Workman (QC) dec. Giannola (FLAG), 7-2; Reis (HIG) dec. Wright (BUCK), 6-2.

145: Josh Wolfe (WASH) dec. Zahani Doko (SUNNY), 9-4; Hamilton (MING) pinned Youn (BUCK), 3:31; Vallejo (CHOLLA) pinned Conklin (FLAG), 2:29.

152: Cody Raber (MING) dec. Sam Ciurdar (SUNNY) , 7-4; Bradshaw (DYSART) dec. Todechine (FLAG), 7-0; Selman (TEMPE) dec. Jensen (EDGE), 7-6.

160: Cooper DeWitt (RIO) pinned Jake Godard (QC), 2:56; Denick (CORO) dec. Bennett (AJ), 4-3; Earls (MING) pinned Enriquez (CHOLLA), 2:59.

171: Trey Nahrgang (BUCK) dec. J. Cordova (COCO), 6-5; Hernandez (HIG) dec. Sebahe (SUNNY), 7-3; Garate (WASH) pinned Vallejo (CHOLLA), 2:33.

189: David Hollis (QC) pinned Matt Shillington (SUNNY), 6:31; Ceballos (RIO) pinned Durate (AJ), 2:25; Loehr (MING) pinned Serrano (HIG), 2:03.

215: Clint Gladden (BUCK) pinned Gannon Conway (HIG), 1:36; Ferguson (MING) dec. Sclafani (SHADOWS), 5-2; Cormier (QC) tech. fall Moreno (MOH), 15-3.

285: Zack Tourangeau (AJ) dec. Elland Brokkove (BUCK), 7-1; Settanni (MING) pinned Wood (EDGE), 4:16; Guzman (MOH) dec. Stewart (WASH), 7-3.


103: Ryan Miller (CdS) dec. Daniel Mendoza (WW), 9-3; Zambrano (CIBOLA) maj. dec. Damian (MESA), 17-9; Hamel (MESQ) pinned Castro (TUC), 3:53.

112: Tony Covert (MV) maj. dec. Kyle Swayzee (HOR), 11-1; Marquit (CIBOLA) dec. Turner (CdS), 8-6; Moorehouse (RM) dec. Pacheco (GIL), 10-4.

119: Richard Palencia (MARY) dec. Nick Mills (HIGH), 12-11; Loera (MESA) dec. Tsosie (CHAVEZ), 7-0; Casas (CIB) pinned Felix (CHAN), 3:43.

125: Greg Carabajal (RM) dec. Aaron Belloc (CG), 7-4; Miranda (CIBOLA) dec. Mabry (HIGH), 8-5; Jarmon (MV) dec. Montanaro (WW), 10-8.

130: Jadon Johnson (MV) tech. fall Martin Lopez (CG), 18-3; Nieto (BRO) dec. Wilson (HIGH), 6-5; Osborn (DV) pinned Merino (CIBOLA), 2:29.

135: Alex Meraz (CIBOLA) maj. dec. Cody Lewis (DOB), 9-1; Carillo (DV) dec. Ewing (MESA), 8-2; Pickett (RM) dec. Cook (MESA), 8-6.

140: Alex Pacheco (MESA) dec. Derek Felton (CdS), 9-5; Nausel (MV) dec. Sanchez (CIBOLA), 9-4; Barrett (HOR) dec. Martinez (YUMA), 8-6.

145: Chris Galvan (RM) dec. Nate Leidigh (HOR), 8-6; Jiminez (BASHA) dec. Valdez (MESA), 5-1; Abad (CdS) pinned Cortez (MARY), 1:19.

152: Jake Kauffman (RM) dec. Josh Calteux (HAM), 10-6; Ponce (MESA) dec. Irwin (DOB), 8-5; Thuews (SAL) dec. Romero (WW), 10-6.

160: Fernando Ochoa (MARY) dec. Daniel Covert (HIGH), 6-5; Carillo (DV) dec. Barnwell (WW); 5-2; Holman (DOB) dec. Newbold (SAL), 8-3.

171: Zach Wadsworth (MESA) pinned Sonny Esquivel (MARY), 4:21; Flannery (BASHA) dec. Kiernan (DV), 7-2; Mulvaney (HIGH) dec. Hodgeman (GIL), 6-3.

189: Andy Jay (MESA) dec. Luke Macchiaroli (CdS), 3-1; Farnsworth Jr. (MV) maj. dec. Donofrio (DV), 10-1; Gordon (DOB) dec. Sullivan (GIL), 9-8.

215: Chris Long (DOB) dec. Michael Najera (MARY), 5-4; Nielsen (MV) dec. Bahl (HAM), 3-2 (Bahl disqualified); Malone (HOR) dec. Benjamin (CHAN), 9-4.

285: Trevor Stapp (CdS) maj. dec. Geoff Nave (RM), 12-1; Stanton (ALHAM) pinned Rotter (MP), 3:56; Weischedel (HAM) won by default Teller (WW).


103: Anthony Bermudez (KOFA) dec. Alex Akers (SUNNY), 7-4; Gamez (MMV) dec. Vargas (GOLD), 4-0; Rascon (WV) pinned Mosley (DEER), 1:53.

112: Ivan Felix (KOFA) dec. Shane McGough (DM), 9-2; Michael Moreno (SUNNY) dec. Michael Contreras (WV), 5-0.; Encinas (CENTR) dec. Shreves (FW), 18-13.

119: Paul Garza (SUNNY) dec. Brandon Wendt (CENTE), 9-3; Stotts (MdN) dec. Gonzalez (SL), 6-1; Miranda (PEORIA) won by default Rana (DM).

125: Steven Moreno (SUNNY) dec. Said Martinez (NORTH), 3-1; Ben Kauffman (SDOC) dec. Jensen (MdN), 4-3; Leisten (CENTE) won by default Perez (MMV).

130: Mike Moreno (SUNNY) dec. Alan Felix (KOFA), 10-8; Casey Cross (CENTE) dec. Burzych (SDOC), 8-2; Coronado (SM) dec. Gamez (LA JOYA).

135: Nathan Vorel (SUNNY) pinned Corey Cross (CENTE), 5:19; Binkley (SM) dec. Luna (SL), 8-6; Grande (DEER) maj. dec. Mendoza (KOFA), 11-2.

140: Aaron Briggs (FW) dec. Pearce Swerdfeger (DEER), 3-2; Gomez (SUNNY) dec. Ortiz (SM), 4-2; Romero (MdN) pinned Jones (CENTE), 3:37.

145: Justin Mauser (DEER) dec. Richard Moreno (SUNNY), 6-3; Slebodnik (SM) dec. Dojaquez (FW), 10-9; Kane (IRON) pinned Lopez (SL), 3:47.

152: Raymond Pina (SUNNY) maj. dec. Josh Rittenhouse (MdN), 13-3; Roland (WV) dec. Carillo (KOFA), 14-9; Parkman (SOUTH) won by default Johnson (SKY).

160: Kyle Deberry (SUNNY) maj. dec. Marshall Swerdfeger (DEER), 15-2; Hay (BC), dec. Benitez (KOFA), 5-1; Sato (WV) maj. dec. Mackey (PV), 12-3.

171: Jerry Ochoa (SUNNY) maj. dec. Matt Cole (FW), 12-1; Pavlenko (MdN) pinned Ballard (DEER), 4:57; O'Sullivan (MMV) dec. McEowen (SHADOW), 10-5.

189: Jim Klinginsmith (MdN) dec. Brad Prescher (DR), 5-3; Barrios (SOUTH) dec. Ochoa (SUNNY), 8-5; Santiago (LA JOYA) pinned Engel (DEER), 0:53.

215: Jared Hiller (MMV) pinned Julian Hamilton (BC), 3:28; Pike (SUNNY) pinned Wilmas (KOFA), 2:37; Ruiz (LA JOYA) pinned Reynolds (SOUTH) 0:31.

285: Harley Fandrich (SM) pinned Dough Zismann (SHADOW), 3:37; McBride (KOFA) pinned Shatwell (WV), 4:52; Tamayo (CARL) dec. Bravo (SUNNY)

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