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After sweeping Maricopa High School on Tuesday, the Williams Field Black Hawks lost 3-0 at Gilbert High School Wednesday evening. 

Gilbert lead the Black Hawks throughout the entire match. Even though Williams Field was able to keep rallies alive, it was a 19-point run by Gilbert that kept the Black Hawks at bay.

“We’re just like any other team," Gilbert coach Joe Hesse said. "We’re trying to win as many games as we can.” 

Gilbert lost in the first round of the AIA State Tournament last year and is looking to redeem itself. Though the roster is scattered with underclassmen, Hesse said he does not coach them any differently because of their experience, or lack there of. They are just looking to win as many games as they can during the season and then they’ll look toward the playoffs. 

Williams Field struggled defensively throughout the game, missing digs and blocks that would have shifted momentum. 

The former varsity coach and current junior varsity coach Jeremy Hutter said they have to work on communication on the court. He added they have to start talking to each other if they want to avoid some of those mistakes. 

Williams Field's bench stayed loud and confident throughout the entire game. Though key players like Makayla Simmons and Emma Walters fought for every point that they could get, they couldn’t compete with the 41 kills that Gilbert racked up by the end of the game.

“We have the talent to compete," Williams Field coach Eric Lucero said. "It comes down to who wants to win more and who comes out on the court and does their job the best.” 

Williams Field was kept out of the state tournament last year, but hopes to keep their chances alive with nine games left. The Black Hawks host Higley next week. 

Sydney Fite is a sports journalism major at Arizona State's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism covering Williams Field High School athletics. 

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