In an outcome that surprised very few in attendance, Chandler High school rolled to an easy 49-24 victory over Mountain View Mesa Friday night. Chandler got impressive production from some of their key offensive contributors and the Wolves defense continually came up clutch with momentum-shifting stops. Overall, it was one of Chandler’s more impressive outings this season and bodes well for the Wolves as they advance to the next round of the playoffs.

            “All facets of our game are complementing each other right now,” Chandler coach Shaun Aguano said. “Our kids are playing pretty good football right now, offensively and defensively, and they’re a really good complement for one another.”

            Chandler quarterback Jacob Conover looked absolutely dominant Friday night, proving once again why he’s one of the top quarterbacks in the state. He tossed three touchdowns in the first half before he was replaced. The offense flowed beautifully with Conover at the helm, as his deft touch and cannon-like arm allowed him to make throws most high schoolers cannot. His ability to throw the ball opened up other facets of the Wolves offense, most notably their run game.

“It was 62 yards straight to the end zone,” laughed running back Drake Anderson. “I stretched the defense, and my teammates made some good blocks and I was gone.”

            The run Anderson is referencing came early in the first quarter, and it was indicative of just how dominant this Chandler offense would be the rest of the night. Anderson took the handoff, made one or two sharp cuts, and then it was off to the races. The offensive line looked dominant in the trenches, and Anderson used his blinding quick speed to quickly scurry up the sideline for the score.

            Next Friday, Chandler will likely face a much tougher challenge as they take on Phoenix Pinnacle, who is fresh off a blow out of their own defeating Laveen Caesar Chavez 52-7. This quarterfinals matchup projects to be a shootout, but Conover is confident in his squad.

            “The offense is doing great, the offensive line is doing a fabulous job of keeping everyone safe, and we just have to keep a level head the whole time,” said Conover. “Every team is bringing their best game Friday night against us, and we just have to be ready.” 

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