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Too on One: Trent Lockett

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Posted: Saturday, December 5, 2009 4:13 pm | Updated: 2:49 am, Sat Oct 8, 2011.

The Arizona State freshman tells about ice fishing and Brett Favre.

Page Too: You’re from Minnetonka, Minnesota. Where is that and what is it like?

Trent Lockett: It’s about 15 or 20 minutes outside of Minneapolis. It’s a real nice neighborhood, nice and quiet.

PT: A Vikings fan, I presume?

TL: Yeah. They’re having a good season. I wish I could go to the game Sunday, but we have study hall.

PT: Were you in favor of the Brett Favre signing?

TL: Back home, like the day he signed, I was at Target and they already had Favre jerseys out. People in Minnesota were definitely ready to have him come out.

PT: Ever go ice fishing?

TL: I have. When I was 8 years old I used to play around, and one time I stomped too hard and broke the layer of ice and my whole right leg fell in. My cousin had to get me out of the hole.

PT: Be honest. Did you come out here just to avoid winters?

TL: No, that’s not the main reason. But it’s definitely a bonus. I love the weather. Back home people are dealing with snow.

PT: How do they react when you tell them it’s 75 degrees here?

TL: They are very jealous. That’s the main thing. It’s kind of hard to comprehend. When I was back home talking to people out here I couldn’t imagine it’s 75 when you’re sitting in the middle of winter and it’s snowing.

Up close and personal

Favorite movie: ”Shawshank Redemption”

Favorite TV show: ”Fresh Prince of Bel Air”

Last book you read: ”Confucious”

What do you drive: I used to drive a 1998 Saturn. They used to call me Mr. Incredible because my knees would be against the dashboard, but it never bothered me.

Song you would sing if you were on “American Idol”: ”Amazing Grace”

Superstitions: I never wash my hair on game day.

Worst habit: Overanalyzing things.

First job: I worked at the state fair the last couple of summers. I worked at the horse-jumping show setting up the jumps.

What would you eat for your last meal: Chicken and rice

Best sports movie ever: ”Remember the Titans”

Person you’d love to switch places with for one day: I like my life, but I’ll go with Michael Jordan.

Favorite athlete in another sport: Tiger Woods

Favorite city to visit: Los Angeles

Reality TV show you’d like to be on: ”The Real World”

One food you refuse to eat: Guacamole

One possession you can’t live without: My phones. I have two.

Favorite fast food restaurant and item: I don’t eat fast food.

Your hero: My mom.

Your bucket list: I’d like to go skydiving. I’ve never been out of the country so I’d like to see the world a little bit. And make enough money so my mom doesn’t have to work again.

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