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The Vent: Aug. 23 -- 9/11; government surveillance

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Posted: Friday, August 23, 2013 2:49 pm

“Boy the left sure has thin skin, they are coming unglued over a rodeo clown making fun of Obama! After all it was the left that constantly made fun of George Bush, they called him everything but a white man. If anyone deserves ridicule it is Obama. He throws a baseball like a girl, I have seen better golf swings on 90-year-old men, and his policies have wrecked the economy!“

“I have a new name for all those terrorist organizations, such as Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Well, you can forget those names. I say we just give them all a single name: Satan’s Army.“

“In celebration of the 9/11 terrorist attacks of 2001 (the deadliest terror attack in America), an Islamist activist group is calling for a million Muslim march in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 11 this year, according to the American Muslim Political Action Committee.”

“Joe Arpaio missed a good chance to arrest the outlaw Obama when he was in Maricopa County. Obama’s disregard for the law is monumental. He would look good in pink underwear and a striped suit!”

“It’s very interesting how the same liberal Democrats, that labeled gun owners as paranoid for claiming they need their guns because they don’t trust the government, are now saying THEY don’t trust the government now that they know the government is spying on us!”

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