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The Vent: November 29

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Posted: Thursday, November 29, 2007 8:52 pm | Updated: 6:48 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“It just amazes me that the Eagle’s Aerie School has the audacity to think it can provide any (fire) protection for its children (Tribune, Monday). Great, you can get the kids out of the building in 30 seconds. But that’s not what’s going to happen. Some kid is going to get hurt falling off of the playground equipment, falling out of a tree, falling off of his desk and who’s going to be able to respond then? Nobody.”

“There’s no money for police, firemen, libraries, schools, roads, etc., but Chandler can pay $100,000 for a tumbleweed statue? What is wrong with these politicians? You have to have your priorities.”

“Can you believe how many hours people have slaved out in the hot sun to pay for that 11-foot ugliest statue of a tumbleweed Christmas tree I have ever seen? That’s just like the French fry they put down on Arizona Avenue and Chandler Boulevard.”

“I’m confused. We have a white Christian church burn to the ground in Mesa, but I haven’t seen or heard from Rev. Tillman, Rev. Sharpton or Rev. Jackson talking about it being a hate crime. Am I to assume that, in their eyes, it’s only a hate crime if a black church is burned down?”

“Why would the city of Mesa even consider allowing a new nightclub, Hurricane Bay, to come into an area of schools and homes at Sun Valley Mall?”

“I was just wondering what’s wrong with Mesa’s water on Solomon Street. It looks like milk is coming out of the faucet.”

“(Calling a day later) My water is all cleared up. It comes out of the faucet now just fine. Thank you for taking care of that problem.”

“If councilman David Crozier was so concerned about the children at Eagle’s Aerie School, he should do the right thing and allow the Gilbert fire trucks to respond to any emergency there. If a child was harmed, the fault would be his and the other Gilbert leaders.”

“The Eagle’s Aerie charter school is kind of like the illegal immigrants. They want all of the benefits of being part of the town of Gilbert, but don’t really want to be part of the town of Gilbert.”

“So (police) Chief Dorn from Gilbert doesn’t want to enforce a law on fliers because it would have an effect on their resources (Tribune, Friday)? How about when they send three cars and three fire engines to a minor accident and shut down a road? Don’t you think that’s affecting our resources? None of these police departments could make it in the Midwest or back East.”

“If people don’t like who’s running for mayor of Mesa, vote for Bob.”

“I know the trolleys are free. But why not put a donation box by the driver? I am sure many people will put loose change, maybe bills by some people. This would help fund a good thing.”

“So now women have to worry about whether the man dressed in a dress in the women’s bathroom is really transgendered or is a man pretending to be a woman and is in there to rape her. I hope the city of Scottsdale is really proud of themselves about this one.”

“What’s with all of the new dog walkers at Chaparral Park who don’t pick up after their dog? There’s at least 10 stations with doggie bags in it. It’s very convenient to pick up a bag and clean up your dog’s mess.”

“Hearing to cover city transit issues? What a waste of time. Why should we residents bother to go to one of these meetings when the powers-that-be down at Scottsdale City Hall do as they please? All you have to do is look at Cactus Road and the stupid roundabouts.”

“I just saw an auto license frame that reads ‘who says crime doesn’t pay,’ wrapped around an Oregon license plate on a high-budget sports car in Scottsdale. I’ll wager the driver’s an Arizona resident simply blatantly ignoring Arizona auto registration laws.”

“To the person who says DPS officers who might be laid off due to (photo) radar on the highways, watch out, buddy. They will still be there when you least expect it.”

“To the knucklehead who thinks photo radar isn’t about greed. Taking a picture of an offender doesn’t stop him from killing somebody a mile or so down the road. Cops can put a stop to drunk driving, reckless driving and speeding.”

“We want to thank Gov. Napolitano and the DPS for photo radar around the state, to thank them for making the roads safer to travel on. After all, the speed limit is not a guideline or a suggestion. It’s the law.”

“Who’s the idiot venter (Saturday) that wants to regulate the size of a family? How communist is that? We have enough government. Get government out of our lives.”

“When I see the statement that the venter in Saturday’s paper made, my blood boils. One member of my family is in his third tour of Iraq. Another’s back home with injuries that now make him disabled. Yes, I can back the troops and still be against this war.”

“Those who are concerned by the assault on property rights by our city governments (Our View, Sunday) might want to take a look at Houston, Texas, a city of approximately 2 million with no zoning law. No zoning law whatsoever.”

“I agree with your Sunday editorial that there are certain property rights of the owners of the property to do with the property as they please. However, I think when you get to the point of pawn shops and tattoo parlors, maybe even adult stores, there are limits and there are areas that are oversaturated… There does have to be some reasonable limit and regulation of particular businesses of any area.”

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