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The Vent - June 28

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Posted: Thursday, June 28, 2007 6:53 am | Updated: 7:32 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Scottsdale’s lagging left turn signals are definitely a better way to go. My daughter told me about them when she went to school in Tucson and she told us how great they were. When we got them here, it was the truth!”

“Who is the genius that designed the roundabouts here on McKellips Road (in east Mesa)? They are nothing like the roundabouts in Europe. In Europe, you ease into a roundabout. Here, you have to come to a complete stop. They are going to have to rip them out.”

“Wondering why attendance at the Diamondback games is down? Check the price. Even if I find enough to get tickets for myself and my husband, I surely couldn’t afford to eat or drink anything.”

“This is the first year I haven’t been to any Diamondback games. It’s because I’m still upset about the dumping of Gonzo and Counsell and changing from unique colors to look like everyone else. I don’t know when I’ll get over it all.”

“If that immigration law passes, away goes America the way we know it.”

“George Bush has just succeeded in the Senate in turning our country over to Mexico. We might as well recall our boys from Iraq, because why would you fight for your country when they pay more homage to another country than they do to the people of their own?”

“Why is it that the American people aren’t being talked to about this immigration bill? The president brings in La Raza and other Hispanic groups, brings in the chamber of commerce, brings in corporations. Where are the average American people?”

“Hurray for (Sen. Jon) Kyl calling for tougher immigration enforcement. I’m more excited about this than I have been for a long time. It sounds like something that could be helpful.”

“If you are going to criticize evolution, at least get your facts straight (Vent, Tuesday). We did not evolve from snails and slugs. Snails, slugs and humans all evolved from a common ancestor. And just because you don’t like what science has revealed does not make it heresy.”

“What’s wrong with saying we evolved from snails and animals like that? Slugs and other kinds of animals are far superior than the kidnappers, gang members, murdering souls and perverts running around.”

“I think all of the rich people of Hollywood, if they want stem cell research, they’ll dip into their own pockets instead of letting the government pay for it.”

“Don’t despair. Embryonic stem research is moving forward in other countries with their own scientists and United States’ scientists who have joined them.”

“At least Canadians see their high tax dollars working for them (on health care). Where are your high tax dollars going?”

“To the venter (Saturday) who wonders if animals can live indoors, even wild ones and horses, the answer is yes, if the house is certified to be humane to wildlife … And horses have often been trained to live inside a home happily.”

“We took the 2,000 prisoners from Hawaii. Shouldn’t Hawaii be grateful enough to take (Sheriff) Joe Arapio away from us? Sounds like a fair trade to me.”

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