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The Vent: Oct. 5

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Posted: Friday, October 5, 2012 6:58 am

“I just returned from the fortune teller. She told me that after Mitt Romney wins the presidency in November, the next day the 8 percent unemployment will become 11 percent unemployment and the Obama recovery will suddenly change to the Romney depression! Yes the so-called, mainstream media, champion of Obama, will finally come clean!”

“I was on the 101 this week and cars were going by me like I was standing still. Speed limit 65 and I was doing 70, and 80 percent of the drivers were women in foreign cars. They would speed until they caught another car and then cut into another lane and then cut off the person and go back to their original lane. I am surprised there aren’t more accidents. We should bring back the speed cameras.”

“Regarding the Aug. 28 1-cent sales tax Vent: When the state lottery was first proposed in 1980, it was supposed to fund education — or am I the only person in the Valley with a memory?”

“The Romney campaign called me and requested a $3 contribution (they must think I’m still a Republican). The nerve! If he wants to be president, he can certainly afford to buy the election himself. I’ve been unemployed/underemployed for years (but not for lack of trying), so I think he should send me $3 so I can buy three Mega Millions lottery tickets. (Actually, I don’t really need a massive cash surplus, I just want to be able to pay my bills, like I could before the world went crazy.)”

“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything!”

“Looking forward to seeing the East Valley Trib’s coverage of Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton’s attempt to live on a food stamp budget for a week. Perhaps it will enlighten some of those angry Venters who seem to believe that those receiving food assistance are living on government provided ‘easy street’.”

“Most Americans are concerned about jobs! Toyota employs over 7,200 Americans in Kentucky making body stampings, plastics, engines, and others parts that are assembled into Camry, Avalon and Venza automobiles. Seats, wheels, window glass, brake assemblies and other components are made by suppliers in Kentucky, Indiana and surrounding states. Perhaps the Toyota Venters should visit the Georgetown Kentucky plant to appreciate the impact to our economy and American employment.”

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