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The Vent - November 13

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Posted: Monday, November 13, 2006 2:53 am | Updated: 4:42 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Oh, I smell the rats. The IRS raises the mileage rates? Of course they had to. With all of the politicians who are out of work, they are going to have to drive farther.”

“Seeing the friendly smile of Hayley Ringle in the morning newspaper makes my day.”

“Martha Stewart got locked up for lying to the government. When are we going to lock up some politicians for lying to us?”

“Why is it that it takes a month to get a death certificate in Arizona? Is there just one person taking care of this gargantuan job?”

“Instead of cutting down a 80-foot pine tree from Connecticut to put up in Rockefeller Center, why don’t they put up a 80-foot cell tower and decorate it like a Christmas tree?”

“The Tribune headline (Thursday) said ‘Napolitano takes victory as a cue to maintain agenda.’ Does that mean that for the next four years she will veto everything that is to the benefit of the people of Arizona?”

“I really do have good hopes for the future Congress because not all of Democrats elected were liberals. Some were very conservative Democrats ... I do think that’s a step in the right direction in this country, to have mixed parties.”

“If people really want what is best for our country, it should not matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican. We all need to learn to get along better as human beings.”

“So Nancy Pelosi is a devout Catholic and pro-choice? Sorry, not possible.”

“(singing) Don’t ... stop ... thinking about tomorrow 2008. Don’t ... stop ... it will soon be here. Things will get better, just you wait.”

“Shame on us as Americans when there are louder voices for illegal (immigrants) than our veterans and fallen comrades.”

“That whooshing (sound) you heard from south of the border the day after the elections was a sigh of relief from the Mexican government that its main export, its own citizens, can continue unhindered.”

“Thank you, voters. I make $6.15 an hour. I appreciate the pay raise that is coming up.”

“When will the food packaging companies go back to the standard U.S. measures like ‘pint, quart, pound’? This will show (to) us the true value of products sold us. Food processes are skimming off ounces regularly.”

“They did not sentence (Saddam) Hussein to hang because they are afraid of him. They sentenced him because otherwise, when we leave Iraq, the people will re-elect him.”

“The Friday editorial says Bush turns to a family friend to fix what’s wrong with the Iraq war strategy. Going into Iraq was wrong. You can’t fix that.”

“Thank you, Karl Rove, for handing us the House and Senate.”


“All of you people worried about the Democrats winning the House and Senate: We survived four years of Jimmy ‘Malaise’ Carter and Bill ‘Asprin Factory Bomber’ Clinton. We’ll survive this just fine.”

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