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The Vent: November 21

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Posted: Wednesday, November 21, 2007 8:28 pm | Updated: 7:11 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“The winter visitors can shop at five stores in the Apache Junction area: Bashas’, Safeway, Food (City), Wal-Mart, Fry’s. Throw in Superstition Veggie Market and the 99 cent store. If they’ve got the money, honey, they’ll be able to eat.”

“Hooray for the Chandler library not banning any books.”

“(Mesa police) Chief Gascón, you should be embarrassed and ashamed that Sheriff Joe (Arpaio) has to not only do his job, but yours, too. Contrary to your opinion, you do need votes from everyone in Mesa who pay you to serve and protect them.”

“It is truly a shame when two men in the responsible positions of Sheriff Arpaio and Chief Gascón can’t sit down and settle their differences and fight crime instead of each other.”

“What part of illegal doesn’t Mesa Police Chief George Gascón understand? I don’t care if it’s a small crime or a big crime, they are all illegal. Get rid of them.”

“The Mesa police chief is not interested in abiding by the law and enforcing the law regarding the illegal immigrants. Instead, he’s interested where his heart is, his roots, his Latino roots.”

“George Gascón is lucky he doesn’t have to run for office to get votes; otherwise, he wouldn’t be police chief.”

“If Gascón doesn’t start enforcing illegal immigration rules, he’ll be back in L.A. overseeing slow-speed O.J. chases.”

“I would eagerly vote to remove Sheriff Arpaio. While I generally sign most, if not all petitions, I won’t sign this one. I’m fear the sheriff will retaliate against signatories.”

“First, a 7-Eleven at Brown and Horne burns to the ground. Then, the LDS church almost across the street burns to the ground. Something fishy is going on in that neighborhood.”

“Sandi Glauser just doesn’t get it (Opinion 2, Saturday). Society is full of women who have detrimental, quote, I can do it all by myself, unquote, attitudes… Men and women have to work together. Life is a team sport, and you are responsible for who you put on your team.”

“To the venter (Saturday) who wants a tree planted to replace a cross memorial for the accident victims, that is the most selfish, intolerant, and inconsiderate thing I have ever heard. That memorial is for the victims, not for your comfort.”

“With all of the Sunday Crow-ing about student advancement at ASU (Perspective), how come their safety is at the bottom of the list of expenditures?”

“Well, here we go again. I’ll bet you next year that O.J.’s trial will be the headlines over how the presidential election is going.”

“Mesa police can’t even respond when my car gets rear-ended by a drunk driver, and now they want to put art on the streets? What is this world coming to?”

“After checking the (Waveyard) final election results, I went on Google Earth and I’m happy to report that Mesa is now on the map.”

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