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The Vent: March 6

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Posted: Wednesday, March 6, 2013 8:27 am | Updated: 6:39 pm, Fri Mar 8, 2013.

“Old Sparky, new Sparky ... the dude’s about as handsome as Mitch McConnell.”

“Here’s yet another tip for employers to help end unemployment: Hire the applicant who has been unemployed/underemployed/temping/doing contract work the longest. They’ll be the most grateful and the most loyal.”

“How sad: Animal abuse at the Lehi rodeo this weekend — kids chasing chickens, a greased pig being chased, money duct-taped to a goat with kids chasing it. You say it’s fun for the kids, but not at the expense of helpless animals. Teach your kids to respect animals, not abuse them.”

“Tax deductions for yachts and private jets is far more important than national secutity. If their was another terrorist attack on this country we could put together an armada of yachts like the world has never seen, and they would all be heading for the Cayman Islands.”

“Supreme Court (Associate) Justice (Antonin) Scalia assured our country that voter supression and racism is very much alive, with his entitlement remark. The voting rights act became law to protect the minorities of the past. Justice Scalia should open his eyes. This same law will protect his vote when old white men become the minority of tomorrow.”

“It is hilarious that libs still believe there is any such thing as ‘special tax loopholes’ for sending jobs overseas. That false belief only reinforces the fact of how truly ignorant most Dems are about business. There is no loophole. The fact is wages outside the U.S., due mostly to irresponsible unions, are much cheaper overseas. This means that in order to remain competitive U.S. businesses must reduce costs by outsourcing.”

“Jodi Arias and her attorneys are making a mockery out of the justice system. Why do people need to hear every sordid detail of her relationship with her boyfriend. She has admitted killing him, but is blaming him, testifying that he was abusive, and that she killed him in self defense. Seriously, she stabbed him 27 times, shot him, and slit his throat and then didn’t even call the police. That doesn’t sounds like self defense to me.”

“President Obama said that one of the choices of sequestration is between starving poor children or hurting handicap children.

What would happen if we had avoided sequestration? The federal government (not the taxpayer, or the conservatives) would have added more financial burden that those ‘poor’ children would face when they become taxpayers!”

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