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The Vent: February 25

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Posted: Sunday, February 25, 2007 6:04 am | Updated: 8:09 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“People, people, people! Do not leave your children alone around water. It’s stupid. It’s deadly. And the first responders don’t need the added abuse.”

“This emissions system set up that we have in Arizona (stinks). Everyone in the world will take a credit card except our God darn government.”

“‘The Departed’ was such a great film? If you took the f-word out, it would have been a show of mimes.”

“While everyone is set on hauling illegal immigrant children out of the classroom, let me ask: Have you forgotten where America started, immigrants fighting to have freedom for their children?”

“Republicans in the state Legislature want to give amnesty to sex offenders and treat illegal immigrants like terrorists. What’s wrong with this picture?”

“Of mice and men and mold is only a snapshot of the systemic challenges at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in particular and Army health care infrastructure in general.”

“Prince Harry is in the army and about to go to Iraq, and Britain is about to withdraw troops from Iraq. Now, if we could get the Bush twins shipped to Iraq, the U.S. would withdraw troops, too.”

“This is what the Democrats are like, (clucking sounds). They are too chicken to stay in Iraq and finish the job.”

“All of my life, the country has been known as ‘eye-rack.’ Now, Condoleezza Rice struts around calling it ‘oooo-rock’ and, suddenly the broadcast media are falling all over themselves copying this silliness. Why are people such sheep?”

“I’m tired of reading about people complaining about HOAs. Anybody who doesn’t know how to say ‘no’ deserves what they get.”

“I was sorry to read in your paper that Yum Foods made a profit this year. They slaughter millions of chickens inhumanely every year for their Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants and we need to be more caring consumers.”

“Arizona should have three senators, because one of our senators is constantly running for president.”

“Last year, I read Mitt Romney passed a law requiring all Massachusetts citizens to have health insurance, effective this July. Monthly fines will be imposed on people until it is gotten. Is this the comprehensive overhaul of the health insurance system a venter spoke about?”

“Mitt Romney is a bigger flip-flopper than John Kerry. In Massachusetts, he was pro-abortion and pro-gay adoption. Now, he magically flip-flops on both issues.”

“All of these jokers running for president, none of them are qualified. The only one who is qualified is Al Gore. I don’t care if you like him or not, he’s the only one that has the experience and the knowledge and the intelligence.”

“Never in the history of the republic has a president so criticized, so ridiculed and so mocked? I don’t know about. Clinton was, but the paper and the media loved him, so of course they didn’t print any of it.”

“I understand that by putting grocery carts into the racks intended for them does not guarantee going to heaven, but maybe if you do so, that should be counted as a tie-breaker.”

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