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The Vent: March 3

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Posted: Sunday, March 3, 2013 8:25 am

“I see Mexico has the same problems with union management we have in the U.S. They are all crooks. The head of the teacher’s union was just arrested for embezzlement.”

“Republicans want to shrink the government to such a point it would only take one billionaire to control it.”

“Secretary of State John Kerry told Germans that Americans have the ‘Right to be stupid.’ He should know — if they weren’t stupid he would not have been in Congress or Secretary of State.”

“The Republican Party has turned itself into a cult without any credible leadership but remain united through a common hate and an adverse view democracy and majority rule.”

“How ironic that Michelle Obama, the wife of the man that refused to save embassy personnel in Benghazi, was the presenter of an Oscar for a movie about successfully saving embassy personnel in Iran!”

“John McCain did not vote for his friend, wounded war vet Chuck Hagel, because while a Republican senator, Hagel said that G.W. Bush was the worst president since Herbert Hoover. I disagree with that, too. G.W. Bush was the worst president in history, period.”

“Well, Tom (Patterson), I don’t support Obamacare, but HSA’s aren’t all that great either. My small child’s medical bills were over $200,000 last year, and will be that high every year of his life, which will be another 15-20 years. Thanks to insurance I ‘only’ had to pay $12,000 from my pocket. Way more than I am allowed to put in an HSA, and I will never have any money left in my HSA to be ‘saved.’ There is no real way for me to even know everything I am being charged for. I asked for a detailed bill of the $18,000 Phoenix Childrens Hospital wanted from me, it read ‘$1,044 pharmacy, $2,000 room, $14,066 ancillary services!’”

“If you’re a recently released illegal alien criminal proceed to the nearest voter registration office and register to vote Democrat. Don’t take any guff from them if they want a valid ID. Then proceed to the nearest Arizona Department of Economic Security office to sign up for your benefits. Buena suerte!”

“The president’s sequestration hammer amounts to nothing more than voodoo politics, the brainstorm of liberals who want to threaten taxpayers into believing, like Rep. Nancy Pelosi says, ‘Our problem is not with over spending, it is with too little funding.’ But factor this into the equation: if every rich guy in America paid 100 percent in taxes, we’d still need $1 trillion next year to balance the budget. Runaway spending IS the problem, Nance.”

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