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The Vent - May 1

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Posted: Tuesday, May 1, 2007 6:28 am | Updated: 7:30 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“It’s really strange that Arizonans can’t smoke in bars any more but illegals can protest, tie up all of the streets and tell us what they want. Whose America is this?”

“If they enforce the smoking (law) like they enforce the immigration (law), people can just about smoke anywhere they want.”

“On Tuesday, please march the illegals and their enablers directly to the state Treasurer’s Office to pay for the billions of dollars they cost the taxpayers.”

“A large majority of the golf courses in Arizona now are using recycled waste water to water their courses. That is not going to be true of this Waveyard in Mesa. They are going to be using drinking water. I think that is a tremendous waste of a valuable commodity that isn’t going to be around much longer.”

“In response to the venter (Friday) who had a problem with our kids going to Alcatraz to swim: Hmmm, how unique. Children finally doing what they are supposed to do and helping out a community, doing a good cause and physically fit, knowing their grades have to be good to do that. Hmm, pshaw! Must be a lazy person.”

“If congressman (Rick) Renzi (RAriz.) wants to stay in office and stay out of jail, he should do two things immediately. One, change parties. Two, put $90,000 in cash in his freezer at home.”

“So the Rev. Oscar Tillman is against a bill that would outlaw special treatment for anyone based on their race. It would appear discrimination is OK as long as it’s not against Mr. Tillman’s race.”

“Having a heated conversation with a passenger, watching that nice, flat panel LCD in your big expensive SUV, reading the paper, looking up an address in a map book — all of these are so much more distracting than talking on a cell phone.”

“In a civilized society, live animals are not supposed to be fed to pet snakes. The rats and mice are supposed to be frozen and then thawed out.”

“Here’s a rule to live by. Families and household pets should either have fur and feathers and eat either dry or canned dog food or bird food. They should not have scales and have to live on other living things in order to survive.”

“Regarding all of these imports for the pet food. Why can’t our own farmers supply the stuff they need for the pet foods? Why are we going out of the United States and risking contamination for our own food we eat and the pets we feed?”

“I like Cindy McCain’s long blond hair. I’m 73 and I have long blond hair.”

“Cindy McCain’s hair style is irrelevant. She’ll never live in the White House.”

“I’m going to vote for John McCain because I know what he says. He sticks to his word. He’s a man of honorable respect.”

“I just had to vent after reading the story (Saturday) about the Super Bowl volunteers. One lady said she had ‘good Midwestern values.’ So she’s living out here among the savages, is that it?”

“All of these newcomers to the Valley are such crybabies. It’s only April and they already are complaining about the heat? Give me a break.”

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