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The Vent - January 3

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Posted: Wednesday, January 3, 2007 5:33 am | Updated: 6:35 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Gerald Ford did not ask to be president. The job was handed to him. And in the short amount of time he had in office, he worked hard to try to move the country forward. He was a good man and I think he deserves our gratitude.”

“You don’t want Tom Brokaw for president. You want the guy who’s writing his scripts.”

“The only thing that (former Arizona Cardinals coach) Dennis Green did wrong was go to work for Bill Bidwill.”

“Hey, Bill Bidwill! Is running into walls funny, or what?”

“Oh, boy! It’s time that we put Scott Bordow in as coach of the Cardinals. He knows all the answers, so let’s hire him for that.”

“Thank you, Dennis Green, for being a good coach and caring enough to try to teach the Cardinals how to play football.”

“I’m a Mesa resident. Yay, Mesa! That was the most beautiful and exciting Fiesta Bowl I’ve ever seen — in Glendale. Ariz.”

“We need to drop the Cardinals and pick up Boise State. They seem to do a lot better playing football.”

“It’s a shame the bands practice all year long, but at the pre-game introduction and during the halftime, we have to listen to these idiot people on television rehash everything from who wears what kind of deodorant to who made a tackle last year on some other team.”

“With all the negative things in the world, I’d like to sit down and watch a little good football. But the Cardinals are on.”

“Boy, Arizona did good in sports this weekend. Phoenix Roadrunners hockey is back in January (at) US Airways Arena. Seven dollars a seat. Affordable family fun.”

“Now, when you all go to your fastfood restaurants with (a higher) minimum-wage in effect, when you order a Happy Meal, it isn’t so happy. When you order a Whopper, it isn’t as much of a whopper.”

“Do the DES desk clerks go to snottiness classes? I paid in for over 25 years. The one time I could use a little break it comes with a side dish of dejection, jadedness, disrespect and sarcasm.”

“Well, at least we know America had nothing to do with Saddam’s trial. If they had, there would have been 20 more years of appeals.”

“You know, it’s easy to say good riddance to Saddam because he obviously was a horrible man. But I think in the long run, it’s not going to make any difference. Iraq is now in civil war. … He will just be one more person to go into history as one of the horrible people, but that’s it.”

“Saddam’s life for 3,000 of our boys’ (lives). I’d say it wasn’t worth it.”

“With the new year, let’s make a change in what to do with unwanted Christmas gifts. Donate them instead of regifting. You’ll feel better. Have a great year.”


“Let’s hope 2007 is going to be better all the way around. Nothing’s going to really change in Arizona, though, concerning the land and the sprawl. Remember eight or 10 years ago when you moved here, not much traffic and lots of open land. Well, the developers are still buying it up and building.”

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